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Be Careful of What You Judge—Woe to Every Slanderer!

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1 By those running and uttering cries!
2 And those producing fire, striking!
3 And those suddenly attacking at morn!
4 Then thereby they raise dust,
5 Then penetrate thereby gatherings
6 Surely man is ungrateful to his Lord.
7 And surely he is a witness of that.
8 And truly on account of the love of wealth he is niggardly.
9 Knows he not when that which is in the graves is raised,
10 And that which is in the breasts is made manifest?
11 Surely their Lord this day is Aware of them.
The Assaulters—Surah 100 Holy Quran: Maulana Muhammad Ali

In past and even recent blogs and notes I have attempted by the grace of Allah to show that Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, in His coming had a specific purpose and intent. As students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad we should all desire to come into a realization of the purpose, intent, and desire of the ONE that we claim to follow. Along these lines—we must at some point in recognition of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Mission and Intent, realize OUR individual and collective place WITHIN HIS ultimate plan and objective. For regardless if we understand the depth of the relationship between Master Fard Muhammad and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad or not; we as students of the MESSENGER must accept the fact that OUR collective and individual understanding of Master Fard Muhammad as GOD is based on the words and TEACHINGS of Whom we Claim is still alive and kicking within a reality that we have YET to know; a man that we say walked with, and talk to the Lord of All the Worlds face to face!

Since it is evidently clear that we as students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad never met the man Master Fard Muhammad face to face—is it not also clear that what we know of this man (or think we know) is based on not ONLY what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells us that Master Fard Muhammad said and teaches; but more importantly, OUR understanding of Master Fard Muhammad as GOD and HIS mission is based upon The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s UNDERSTANDING of what he heard his TEACHER say and teach.

Since The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is in fact the Messenger of Allah—should not our understanding of Allah and HIS specific Plan and Purpose be based upon what the Messenger understands and subsequently relays to us; for what good is him being the Messenger if we refuse to seek to understand and implement his message?

REMEMBER: It was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that met with GOD face to face for 40 (forty) months. It was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that was the ONLY one out of the FIRST 25,000 converts to Islam in the West that knew that the teacher that everyone argued the identity of—was in fact HE that would be one day Universally seen and recognized as GOD; that in fact WAS GOD at the time that the so-called students struggled over this STRANGER’S identity.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Since The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew the identity of HE that others were struggling to come to grips with—the Messenger was hearing the Words, Teachings, and Instructions with the understanding that those words, teachings, and instructions were coming not form a mere prophet, or a pastor, or a reverend, scholar or sage… but from the MOUTH of GOD HIMSELF!

Because the Messenger had this UNIQUE and SPECIAL knowledge of HE that was talking; how do you think HE listened and reacted to what was said and instructed as opposed to those that were IGNORANT of the ULTIMATE Identity of HE that they were claiming to follow!? REMEMBER: Those that DID NOT know the TRUE IDENTITY of Master Fard Muhammad still saw themselves as believers in the TEACHINGS—although it was evidently CLEAR that they did not KNOW the Identity of the TEACHER! So the ramification is this: The True Power of the TEACHINGS could not be seen within the lives of the so-called believers UNTIL they came into the TRUE awareness of the identity of the TEACHER!

Because The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad KNEW the TRUE IDENTITY of the TEACHER, the TEACHINGS had a different meaning, understanding, application, and power for him than those that were still blind to Master Fard Muhammad’s Identity! Hence The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad rose from just being a SERVANT (Minister) of Master Fard Muhammad, into the MESSENGER (Teacher) of MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD as GOD!

As the MESSENGER he was charged to get all of us to learn about ALLAH, what he had learned—he desired to share with us the meaning, understanding, application, and power of a GOD that was at one time shielded by our lack of understanding and ignorance! He took on the mission of erasing that lack of understanding and ignorance so that we too could experience the wisdom, strength, beauty and power of the ONE that had come to specifically and deliberately place us as the New Rulers of the Earth! This process is known as the Resurrection!

Bear with me the POINT of this note will be seen shortly!

NOW: If we call ourselves HIS followers or students, what should we be studying, and how should we be studying? It is my understanding that we must first accept that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met GOD face to face; for if he did not, that means he is not a Messenger but a liar, or a deceived person who is passing on his deception. If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is NOT the Messenger of GOD, then we can dismiss EVERYTHING that he teaches that comes as an extension of that claim! But it is clear that we cannot do that!!

If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is NOT the Messenger, then we automatically nullify and drastically reduce the identity and significance of his number one student; The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—based on the manifest evidence of the MINISTER and his works, it is certain that we cannot do that!!

Now Let Me Show You How This Works:

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met a man—that man is GOD; Master Fard Muhammad. Because he met this man, and learned from this man, and knew the true identity of this man; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was able to bring about manifest evidence of the power and significance of THAT MAN! AGAIN, a man that was GOD!
If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a claim that Master Fard Muhammad was and is GOD; yet was UNABLE to substantiate that claim by MANIFEST EVIDENCE, why would we today believe his claim?! (think) It is only because of what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has DONE in relation to what he TEACHES that justifies HIS title and HONORABLE status within our lives! The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad took what was given to him and brought about a witness bearing evidence that would teach black people specifically, and the world in general that GOD had indeed come! This evidence was not meant to convince HIMSELF; because HE was already convinced, HE did what HE did to show us the power of a GOD that we simply did not KNOW!

The same is true for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—most of today’s students never met the Messenger; therefore, what we know of the Messenger is based on the manifest evidence of the MINISTER! We accept the Messenger in a huge part due to the Ministers understanding and ability to make the Messenger a Real Live human being within our lives! The presence of the Minister is an irrefutable bearing of witness of the two that he claims and proves backs him in his mission. The Minister’s works are based upon his understanding and recognition of the two that preceded him; and on what they taught and instructed! The Minister is considered honorable ONLY because he has honored the teaching, instructions, and guidance of Allah as given to him by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Likewise it’s the Messenger’s ability and willingness to do the same in regards to Master Fard Muhammad that makes him the MOST honorable! You follow me?

If we take and accept the evidence presented by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan concerning the identity and reality of the TWO we have NEVER met; we then can return to the words, teachings, and instructions of Master Fard Muhammad as presented by The Most Honorable Elijah and begin to receive the POWER and INLUENCE that is so indicative of the understanding of OUR beloved MINISTER!

If we allow ourselves to be TRULY connected to the source of the MINISTER’S power; would that mean we too would begin to experience the same power?! Of course!! But what would be the difference between us and the MINISTER—US and anybody else that is connected to THAT power? The difference would be not in the presence of the power; but in the application of the said power. What this means is that each of US must accept our own and BE ourselves! We must apply the POWER and PRESENCE of GOD within the measurable parameters of the specific purpose or intent of OUR birth into GOD’S reality. SIMPLY: We must utilize OUR power within the confines of the role we play within the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE and PLAN of GOD HIMSLEF! A role that will be made known to us through the progressive growth that accompanies STRUGGLE and TRIALS! Clearly stated: We must “not take on Mixed Instructions other than OUR ASSIGNMENT.” What assignment—the assignment that is genetically encoded within the mathematical equation that is known as YOU! “Accept your Own AND Be YOURSELF”!


I have attempted to lay a foundation that will support the POINT that this note desires to make. I apologize for its length, but I pray that you have the patience to bear with me as I conclude!

Since we all have to “Accept Our Own AND Be Ourselves”; it should be obvious that we must have an independent and personal relationship with HE that is GUIDING us to HIMSELF. Because each of US is unique and distinct from the other, each of US has our individual learning capacity and growth rate! We all have distinct, yet equally vital roles to play within the ultimate plan of ALLAH; therefore, we all MUST QUALIFY ourselves for positions that are awaiting US! If we dedicate OURSELVES to the QUALIFICATION of SELF, then this focus would erase the presence of argument and discontent in relationship to others because we would remain focused on self, as opposed to focusing on others!

The Problem:

Within this present system of things, we have been brought up under the SPIRIT of COMPETITION—it seems as if OUR individual self worth is continuously being measured in relationship to others instead of our relationship to God’s expectations of US. Others DON’T have YOUR specific mission or purpose; therefore, how can you be judged by others if they don’t know Allah’s plan for YOU…. AND, YOU don’t even KNOW Allah’s plan FOR YOU! It is written that ALL YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS is LIKE FILTHY RAGS IN THE EYESITE OF THE LORD—think on that!

Those things that we feel that we have accomplished should be taken as personal growth rewards to our ability to keep on moving despite of pain and trail; this is because GROWTH can only be obtained within the presence of PAIN and TRAIL! Our spiritual growth and achievement should not be worn as a badge of HONOR in a way to ridicule, make mockery of, OR judge those that you may THINK has yet to obtain YOUR present so-called spiritual status! Humility in this regard; allows you to inspire others with your spiritual achievements, thereby facilitating a relationship that permits you to be seen as a TEACHER and AIDE within the tumultuous process of growth, and NOT a JUDGE! When this occurs your presence within the lives of those perceived as lesser developed in terms of their spiritual and knowledge base will be welcomed, and this welcoming spirit will be the necessary base element to true UNITY and the collective ability of all of us to get something done. Minus the spirit of humility, we begin to JUDGE situations and PEOPLE that we have yet to UNDERSTAND and truly KNOW—this thereby opens up the potential of SLANDER and BACK-BITING, which subsequently places US at odds with the GOD!

How do we know this? Because the situation, or the person that YOU choose to JUDGE is acting within the specific and intended developmental strategies of the GOD HIMSELF! It is GOD that is PREPARING HIS servant regardless if it’s a male or female in a way that HE sees fit; not the know it all self-righteous blowhard that always searches the horizon for a new person to JUDGE, or a new BACK to BITE!! What you may choose to JUDGE and deem as wrong, may be the EXACT person, thing, circumstance, and/or situation, that GOD HIMSLEF has ORDERED! And out of OUR ignorance of GOD and HIS methods—we may think we are placing OUR judgment on a particular person, thing, situation, or circumstance; but in fact we our placing OUR judgment on GOD HIMSELF! This is very dangerous, and the presence of such really shows the LACK of true spiritual awareness and understanding!

As I close; please pay attention to these next few points, for if it be the WILL of ALLAH this will validate my claims!


“The first step toward growing into the Mind of God is to desire to do His Will. Then, we must learn to obey His Commands. Allah (God) tests and tries His Servant to see how well he will obey Commands that he does not understand. He gradually brings the servant into understanding of what he has obeyed, but only after obedience. Through the suffering that accompanies obeying Allah (God) comes understanding and the Servant gradually grows into the Thinking of Allah (God).” MLF SG#18

Look at the message within the MINISTER’S point… Allah desires to bring all of HIS servants up into HIS MIND! If we as students and MUSLIMS desire to do the WILL of GOD—we can ONLY do it IF, IF, IF, IF…. WE grow into the THINKING of GOD! How will GOD grow US up into HIS thinking!! By giving US COMMANDS! Allah’s commands are DESIGNED to TEST and TRY HIS potential servant! If we are to grow into the MIND of GOD we must OBEY HIS COMMANDEMNTS!! But what is soooo difficult in OBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS!!? Perhaps it is because we are given commandments that we DO NOT understand! So maybe if we UNDERSTAND particular commandments, those types of commandments are not the ones that the MINISTER is talking about above! OR maybe we think we UNDERSTAND a commandment that we SIMPLY DO NOT!

The Minister Says:

“Allah (God) may try a servant with a certain command. Since a servant of God is always desirous of doing His Will, giving such a person a command can only be a trial if that person believes that the command is against what he or she has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” MLF SG#18

Wow, did we Get That?!! A command from GOD can ONLY be considered as a TRIAL if the person who receives that command “believes that the command is against what he or she has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” Look at this point hard, and think on it! Allah will give HIS servants a command that the SERVANT believes is WRONG!! Or NOT RIGHT! The command is only a TRIAL because it is AGAINST what we may THINK or BELIEVE is RIGHT! SOOO, all of OUR RIGHTeousness is like filthy rags in the EYESITE of the LORD!

Well for those that may think that this does not pertain to you and your reality; ask yourself this question: Why is the MINISTER telling you this! And for those that think that this is JUST talking about the MINISTER and the MESSENGER…. Ask yourself why does the MINISTER say… “against what HE or SHE has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” Both the Minister and Messenger are MEN… but he said HE or SHE! The purpose of our lessons is to get us to climb into the Mind of God; therefore, the purpose of our lessons is to make US into Allah’s servants don’t you agree!?

Then The Minister Says:

“Through the command of the expressed Will of God, the servant's level of understanding up to that point in time causes an emotional reaction that could result in disobedience if it is not put in check. In this manner, Allah (God) helps us climb above Emotion, using our own desire to obey Him for sustenance during the steep climb.” MLF SG #18

Isn’t that beautiful? Allah acknowledges that it is a “STEEP CLIMB” and HE uses our DESIRE to obey HIM to keep us going in spite of the growing pain, frustration, and ostracizing elements that accompany that climb! The Minister says that the “the servant's level of understanding up to that point in time causes an emotional reaction”; well what is the problem with EMOTIONS?!

He Says:

“Thus, the emotional reactions to persons, events and circumstances are a defense mechanism which quickly surrounds the accepted belief to protect it from succumbing to a new one. We may react with one of many different emotions, depending upon the nature of the threat -- fear, anger, pride, etc. - but in any case, the emotion rises with great speed to ward off that which disturbs the community of beliefs. This is what is meant by the phrase, “rush of emotion”. It requires great and concentrated effort to take control over our emotions.” MLF SG #18

Now… the problem with the SLANDERER and BACK-BITER is that they operate outside the above understanding! As Allah is bringing about the fruition of HIS WILL and Desire; as ALLAH is in the PROCESS of making and developing HIS servants, the back-biters and defamers place themselves within that process! BUT…since ALLAH is GOD, and has already factored in the SCANDAL MONGERS; He has made provisions for them, and has utilized their wicked motives and intentions to facilitate the process of the servant’s growth. SIMPLY PUT: the SLANDERERS don’t hinder the plan of GOD; but ASSIST it, while at the same time manifesting their TRUE nature and HEART for those that would be observant to see.

It would seem that there is a MONSTER within the HEARTS of the BACK-BITERS and SLANDERERS! It would seem that the emotional reaction that comes with seeing a person or group operating within the specific plan of GOD, a plan that they don’t UNDERSTAND—causes a GREAT deal of EMOTION!

The Minister Says About This:

“There are monsters in the bottom of our consciousness. God brings these things up with Winds (Trials) that He sends to stir up the Waters of Emotion. These monsters rest beneath the surface of our being, unseen and undetected in our daily interactions.” MLF SG #18

Well HOW would the GOD stir these EMOTIONS!?

“In order to obey Allah’s (God's) command (s), we must overcome our emotional reaction to His command (s). At the root of the emotional reaction is frustration over something we personally desire, think, or believe. He challenges us where we are most comfortable with a command calculated to disturb our comfort. Thus, He says in the Holy Qur’an, “none comes between a man and his heart, except Allah”. MLF SG #18

Here ALLAH CALCULATES ways to DISTURB our COMFORT! HE desires to DISTURB OUR comfort! So as we blame the person that may cause us pain, we take Allah out of an EQUATION that HE is not only the MASTER of….BUT… the CREATOR of!!! This may hurt, but it is the TRUTH! So since we can’t get to GOD; we UNLEASH our frustration and anger on a PERSON that is merely acting within a specific plan of GOD!

Finally… as all of us attempt to grow into what the GOD desires for US; lets not be distracted by those that have been utilized to further OUR development! Though we may be irritated, or feel wronged and ill-treated—we should try to remember all of this is a process! None of us is perfect; and I sincerely doubt that EVEN the most righteous from among us would like for their dirty Laundry and thoughts to be aired out in public. Despite this undeniable reality, the back-biters and scandal mongers continue to spew their POISON by casting EVIL suggestions in FIRM resolutions! These types of devils come under the flag of righteousness in a way to reduce the status of others, so that they may be lifted up!

Again… these type of people view the journey as a competition, and they measure their development against the progress of others instead of the expectations of GOD! These persons can be seen as SLINKING DEVILS because they keep their noses in the mud, and always show a smile and good intent—while their true motive is kept guarded within the confines of their darkened heart!

“The word “suffer” means to “experience pain in soul or body”. The word translated affliction” in the New Testament means “pressure”. To suffer affliction is to suffer pressure, or to be “pressed down”. Peter refers to “heaviness" through many trials.
If we just attempt to obey Allah (God) we undergo suffering; or being brought low through the pressure and weight that is placed upon us. Jeremiah was lowered into a pit.
The word “tribulation” means “straitness or distress”. Tribulations and afflictions bring suffering in their wake. The Holy Qur'an states that we will “surely” be tried with deprivation: “Loss of life and property”.
When a man or woman is spiritually sensitive and any Servant of Allah (God) is, then he or she can experience acute suffering through temptations, relationships and attachments to persons who are not interested in God's Will; anxiety, debt and the oppression of men.
Unlike the disbeliever, the sincere believer does not find any real relief in worldly pursuits. Though he or she may enjoy lawful recreation, these offer no permanent solutions to the peculiar problems of the Believer. MLF SG #18

Lets really think on this!

“The Believer takes pleasure from living according to the Law of Allah (God) and fears deviation from it. So when Allah (God) issues a command that is contrary to His own Divine Law according to the Believer's understanding of it, there is a trial for the Believer.” MLF SG # 18
The MINISTER says that ALLAH will ISSUE a command that IS CONTRARY to HIS own DIVINE LAW--according to OUR UNDERSTANDING of that LAW!! Wow, what does that MEAN!! It means that although we may think we understand a DIVINE LAW; we may NOT! So how can we JUDGE another based on a LAW that we may not even understand!?
AND FINALLY FAMILY always REMEMBER THIS—for this understanding will allow you to deal with and get rid of the SLANDERERS and BACK-BITERS!!!

“Allah is not obligated to present trials one at a time, nor is He required to allow some minimal time lapse between them so that we can recover. He may confront us with many trials together, or one particularly long, grievous and painful trial.
At the peak of our trial, He may create circumstances that will cause us to be, or at least feel, completely deserted or abandoned. In the experience of abandonment by friends, family, even fellow believers, there is a sense of hopelessness; nothing to be thankful for. The Emotion usually associated with this condition is Depression.

“Why art thou cast down O My soul? Why art thou disquieted in me? ... My tears have been my meat day and night, while they continually say unto me, ‘Where is your God?’ Thou didst hide Thy face, and I was troubled.” Psalms 42:11
The situation can become almost unbearable” MLF SG #18

MAY ALLAH continue to BLESS us with Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding!

Thank you for your time and patience;

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