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In the name of the God that we say came to North America to retrieve what was LOST. In the Name of that GOD that we claim saved the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad from a contrived and methodically planned out Death Blot. In the Name of the God who RAISED up the MODERN DAY Jesus, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in a MORE than a Vision Like EXPERIENCE, please allow me to share a few thoughts with you, thoughts that are born from the revealed wisdom of that GOD Master Fard Muhammad.

Within the revealed Wisdom of Master Fard Muhammad as articulated and taught by first The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; and now the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, there lies an objective, a desire that the God and His divine extensions (THEM, MLF) are seeking to bring about.

It is my understanding that the OBJECTIVE, or DESIRE of Master Fard Muhammad and HIS subsequent Laborers is two fold; ONE being the DEVELOPMENT of a New Man (meaning man and woman) and TWO, the ESTABLISHMENT of a NEW NATION!

These two objectives, which are in truth one, can be seen in the Establishment of The Nation of Islam, and Master Fard Muhammad’s Instruction to the members of that said nation to Accept Our Own, and Be Ourselves! It is clear not only by the obvious, but by implication what Master Fard Muhammad’s Desire is for us, and how that our ability to fulfill HIS desire actually enables us to fulfill HIS primary objective as well. For how can WE have a Nation, a Nation OF Islam, UNLESS, we become ISLAMIC!

WE are taught that ISLAM is our (the Original People’s) Nature. If WE attempt to determine the definition of NATURE within the devil’s increasingly weakened dictionaries, our disciplined research would finally allow us to arrive at the conclusion that NATURE, or our nature is defined as SELF! As we climb into the study of NATURE, we without doubt climb into the study of self, this is an actual fact. If we accept our own, and be OURSELVES, this means that we have accepted our Nature, and have become our NATURE (self)! What is our own self? Our own self is a righteous Muslim. This means that Being a Muslim, and Being Islamic is one and the same, ISLAM is our nature (self) and a Muslim is one BEING SELF, or a person that SUBMITS to self, or the nature in which you were created. (You follow me?) Master Fard Muhammad’s first and primary instruction to those that desire to submit to Allah, is that we become what Allah intended for us as we were developed within the wombs of our mothers.

So the desire of Master Fard Muhammad is to make a NATION of Muslims; and if HE is to accomplish this, HE must have a plan and method in which, and through which He can accomplish the above said.

Consider these words:

“When Allah says, "Be!," this is an expression of His Will. But it is more than just the expression of His Will, for when He says, "Be!," He arranges forces, resources, angels, people --- according to a Plan --- to bring about the Fruition of His Will.” MLF

Now if WE have in a specific way determined Master Fard Muhammad’s WILL in relation to HIS desire to build a Nation of Islam, and build a Nation of Muslim’s; how would HE accomplish this, and is our ability to become what HE desires for us connected to our ability to know to a certain extent how HE would bring HIS desire about?

REMEMEBER: “He arranges forces, resources, angels, people --- according to a Plan --- to bring about the Fruition of His Will.”

Lets Define the word NATION:Na"tion

1. (Ethnol.) A part, or division, of the people of the earth, distinguished from the rest by common descent, language, or institutions; a race; a stock.

2. The body of inhabitants of a country, united under an independent government of their own.

3. Family; lineage. [Obs.] Chaucer.

4. (a) One of the divisions of university students in a classification according to nativity, formerly common in Europe. (b) (Scotch Universities) One of the four divisions (named from the parts of Scotland) in which students were classified according to their nativity.

5. A great number; a great deal; -- by way of emphasis; as, a nation of herbs. Sterne. Five nations. See under Five. -- Law of nations. See International law, under International, and Law. Syn. -- people; race. See People.

So Master Fard Muhammad desires to build and establish a NATION, and this NATION is built AS a NATION of ISLAM! Now we understand that ISLAM is OUR NATURE, which is OUR SELF, or ESSENCE! We also understand that we are MUSLIMS, Muslims are those who SUBMIT to do the WILL of GOD, but the question is HOW do we submit to Allah’s Will if we don’t KNOW HIS WILL, or more importantly; how do we KNOW if we are submitting to HIS WILL or not, if we are ignorant of that WILL? (please think)

Also: Is it not true that Allah’s primary WILL where we are concerned is that we submit to the purpose that we were born, and if we are Muslim, how can we submit to a purpose that is not known? It is at this point of our journey to fulfill the WILL of ALLAH that the concept and purpose of faith comes in; but, having faith should not place us in a stagnant state waiting on knowledge, wisdom, and understanding—the acquisition of such is a journey, and like all journeys… you got to do it MOVIN!

Check this out:

To get into the Thinking of God, we must rise above our present level of thought, which emanates-from beneath.
There is a gulf between the thinking of man and God and the ways of man and God. The process by which we cross that gulf is called Resurrection.
The way to think like Allah (God) is to be exposed to His Thinking. In our Lessons, we are given the Actual Facts as a beginner and as a start in thinking mathematically rather than emotionally.
Jesus said, “I and my Father are One”. How was he able to become one with the Father? Jesus was born of a woman and came through the vicissitudes of life. In time, through obedience, he became the interpreter of God's Will. You cannot serve as the interpreter of the Will of God unless you know God and what He thinks and what gave rise to His thoughts. MLF


“Allah's Will never fails. There is no plan by any scholar or scientist, no power in the Heavens above or in the Earth beneath that can circumvent the Plan of Almighty God. In fact, the plans of the present world leaders were all taken into consideration. Before they were even a thought in the mind of their father, their plans were known. Their scheme was known. And Allah took their plans into consideration. He places His Hand over their plan; He helps to bring about the Fruition of His Will. That is a Mighty, Powerful Being we are dealing with. When He says, "Be!" it is.” MLF

We claim to be apart of a NATION of ISLAM; and we know that our NATURE IS ISLAM, but what IS ISLAM! Some of us accept that ISLAM means SUBMISSION, and that’s TRUE! BUT we are not asking for the MEANING of ISLAM; we are asking, what IS ISLAM?

For Example: What IS a apple? An apple IS a fruit! But now describe that apple, give me the purpose of that apple, how would you use that apple? You see the meaning of a thing is SUBJECTIVE, it is based upon the USER of that thing! WHAT does ISLAM MEAN to you? What does an APPLE mean to you? Its all subjective! Well what IS an APPLE, or WHAT IS ISLAM! Now, that is a more specific question, don’t you agree?

We are told in the SUPREME WISDOM that ISLAM IS Mathematics, and that Mathematics IS Islam; this means that our NATURE is Mathematics. If we are to become MUSLIM; one that submits to the WILL of GOD, then we must realize that GOD’S Will is that we “be ourselves”!

Hopefully we will begin to understand that GOD wants us to submit to OUR nature, HE wants us to submit to mathematics! How do we know this; because HE told us to accept or own and be ourselves! And our own is ISLAM, and we are by nature a MUSLIM! HE wants us to become our nature; HE wants us to submit to the NATURE in which we were created.

Now based on the above understanding, we would have to know that our ability to become Muslim in fact and not just in word is tied to our ability to understand and apply our nature, our mathematics.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that ISLAM is NOT a religion, that ISLAM IS our NATURE!

Well he also stated that ISLAM IS MATHEMTICS, this means that mathematics IS our Nature! The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated that Islam is given to us as a religion, BUT it is NOT a religion!

Let me explain, if you need a blanket, but I don’t have a blanket to give you; I may give you my jacket. Well the jacket may not fit you, or you may say that you don’t want a jacket, you need a blanket! Well I would say that I don’t have a blanket, but you can utilize the jacket AS a blanket until we get a blanket for you! Now the jacket acts like a blanket until the blanket shows up, the jacket is NOT a blanket… you follow me?!

It is my understanding that up until this point we have utilized the Nation of Islam, or Islam period as a religion; but the Nation of Islam is NOT a religion! It is designed to be a NATION (re-examine the definition of NATION). We seemingly have applied the standards of a religion to the MEANING of Islam, and it is primarily do to our present level of understanding, or lack there of.

Islam and the tenets of ISLAM, are not the traditional components of ISLAM as practiced AS a religion. Master Fard Muhammad is GOD; therefore HE did not come, and has not come simply to introduce us into a religion, Master Fard Muhammad has come to reacquaint us with ourselves, and thereby develop us into the ruling NATION of the earth.
The quality of our belief is ONLY surpassed by the KNOWLEDGE of Ourselves, and the acceptance of the role we play within the EXPRESSED WILL of ALLAH!

Our ability to understand the God’s Will, and Our ability to fulfill HIS Will as it pertains to our life purpose is tied to our ability to ‘Rise Above our Emotions’ into the thinking of GOD! Since we are in fact the natural (nature) descendants of that GOD, then as we rise into God’s thinking, we climb deeper into ourselves!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said this:

“Islam is not a religion. We call it a religion, but it’s not a religion, because it is the nature of us. The nature of us can’t be called a religion. That’s why the 30th chapter and the 30th verse of the Holy Qur’an teaches you that Islam is the nature in which we were born.” The Theology of Time—June 18, 1972 THEM

So why is this important? Many of us in seeking to fulfill the responsibility of becoming Muslim point to the five tenets, or five pillars of Islam! If properly understood and dissected, we would realize that these tenets of Islam are principles and doctrines that serve as an historical expression of the Islamic faith and practice. These tenets are traditions that are passed (traded) on throughout generations as rituals that hold within them meaning and spiritual and intellectual significance! If these tenets are in fact rituals or traditions that are generated from the mind of GOD, then we certainly accept and understand that the rituals and tenets themselves are significant on a deeper level than one with an underdeveloped mind may perceive.

The Honorable Minister Farrakhan puts it this way:

“He it is Who has revealed the Book to thee; some of its verses are decisive -- they are the basis of the Book -- and others are allegorical. Then those in whose hearts is perversity follow the part of it which is allegorical, seeking to mislead, and seeking to give it (their own) interpretation. And none knows its interpretation save Allah and those firmly rooted in knowledge. They say: we believe in it, it is all from our Lord. And none mind except men of understanding.”
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that He would not give two cents for the combined work of all of the scholars and what they have written as their interpretation of the verses of the Holy Qur’an. That is a powerful statement.
In the above-cited verse, Allah (God) tells those seeking to give the Book their own interpretation that none knows except Him. So even if they claim to be scholars, Allah (God) has already overruled their scholarship, in these words, “None knows its interpretation except Allah”.
Those “firmly rooted in knowledge” are the Believers who submit to it because it is all from Allah. What they understand is that they do not comprehend Allah's Book in totality. They await the One Whom Allah will teach the Interpretation of the Book to directly. That One is the Messiah, the Mahdi, the Christ. That One is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.” MLF

Since we realize that Master Fard Muhammad is the fulfillment of the prophecies, then we also understand that HIS presence will lead to the complete understanding of the principles that generate the demonstration of the ritual! In regards to the Restrictive Law, which is said to be OUR Success; we should view them as a means to an end; that without such laws, our true success is thwarted by distractive practices and behaviors that deviate our mind and body from the responsibility of first discovering, and then the fulfillment of the purpose and ultimate intent of our birth.

The enemy of Allah has made a world of deceptive yet alluring practices that are the result of a nature that is characterized by the Messenger (THEM) of God as unlike the nature of the Original Man. The Messenger has taught us that unlike attract, and like repel; therefore, an unlike mind (the enemy) has brought forth a world that is unlike the natural (mathematical world) environment that is conducive to the growth and fulfillment of the original people’s power potential. Because of this; the Restrictive Laws were developed and implemented so that they would fight against the magnetic snares of the enemy’s world that prevents us from undergoing and enduring the necessary trials and struggles that are absolutely crucial in allowing us to be what it is that the GOD desires us to be.

When and if we acknowledge and begin to act in accord with the purpose of our birth; when we submit to the WILL of God as it applies to our purpose and reason for being, we see how the Restrictive Law in a very real and absolute way has allowed for our success…in fact, caused our success! Until or unless we demonstrate this understanding, we are yet blind to Master Fard Muhammad and the purpose of HIS coming.

"Today, Allah (God) is bringing about the destruction of the present world order. His intense dislike for this contrary world and the one who made it is the result of a mathematical understanding of what He desires for His creation. His precise understanding of what he Wills and what stands in the way of His Will summons an intense dislike for the impediment. When He says, “Away with you”, this is not an emotional reaction; though there is intense feeling in it, it is the result of reasoning." MLF


Be on the look out for part 2 if it be the will of ALLAH
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