Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can A Muslim Be God?!

I continue to hear discussion concerning a Muslim and His Ability to be God... Many of these discussions can be heard or read on the 5 Percent Nation of Islam Group page...

None the less... I have heard throughout the years different students... students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the Leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan... and students of the Father Allah (Clarence 13x no-disrespect, for clarity purposes only), try to persuade the others of their position and it's accuracy. All of these students regardless of EMOTIONS or PERSONAL Attachments are BRANCHES of a Tree that was ESTABLISHED by Master Fard Muhammad, A Man that I KNOW to be GOD in PERSON...

NOW... I will be as brief as the points I desire to make allow; hopefully as students WE can have patience in order to get a more complete understanding of one another... I do not write this in order to win an argument or swing you to my direction... you DO NOT have to AGREE... I simply hope that you will TRY to UNDERSTAND. I realize that there are those that are well studied and like to go into the ETYMOLOGY of words, I enjoy that as well... but for now we will try to keep it simple... so that even a BABY can understand.

THE PREMISE...My premise is based on the Wisdom that Master Fard Muhammad gave us to study and MEMORIZE by HEART... KNOWN to some as the 120, the LESSONS, or The SUPREME WISDOM...What Master Fard Muhammad taught was a TEACHINGS that was designed to be TIME RELEASED... the Last and Most Powerful Lectures given by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad prior to His Departure was the lecture series known as "The THEOLOGY of TIME" .

The Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad was considered SUPREME WISDOM because no other Wisdom COULD alter it, erase it, OR REPLACE it... it is considered WISDOM because it is TIME released... knowledge can be gained by the transfer of INFORMATION, information or KNOWLEGDE brings forth WISDOM... the PROCESS that YOU must GO THROUGH in order to arrive at WISDOM is what Allows you to CLAIM to have UNDERSTANDING!

This Process is MEASURED in TIME (MOTION, GROWTH, EVOLUTION). Wisdom can simply be seen as that which CONNECTS (bridges) KNOWLEDGE with UNDERSTANDING! Therefore; it is my contention, that UNLESS WE accept and process the WISDOM as given to US by Master Fard Muhammad WE will fail to UNDERSTAND the KNOWLEDGE that readily spews from OUR lips. This Knowledge without UNDERSTANDING, will fail to PRODUCE the fruits that WE may so audaciously desire!

As branches of Master Fard Muhammad's TREE, the reality that UNITES US All is the SUPREME WISDOM that was given by ALLAH in Person... If a person calls Him or Herself a 5 Percenter, we realize that that TERMONOLOGY is found within that WISDOM (the LESSONS)... If we use the LESSONS to TITLE US and QUALIFY US; then in doing so, WE acknowledge that the LESSONS are in fact true... UNLESS... we pick and choose what portions we accept and reject... if we do this; then we make ourselves into DEVILS because we follow that which we have made into a grafted teachings.

SIMPLY: WE cannot LIMIT the Lessons in a way that will ONLY support OUR assumptions or TRUTH perceptions, WE must utilize OUR LESSONS to expand and even lay the BASE of OUR conclusions and TUTH declarations! (don’t pick and choose the truth of the LESSONS, allow the LESSONS to establish TRUTH for you)We are warned about using baby language... when WE are babies, WE speak as babies...

When WE are Men WE speak as MEN... Time and understanding separates the babies from the MEN... the distinction of who is a baby from who is a man; is made or seen based upon a person’s ability to SPEAK the LANGUAGE!

Master Fard Muhammad stated that the BLACKMAN is God, this is an ACTUAL FACT... However, He Came to Teach His Uncle how to speak his OWN LANGUAGE... His UNCLE could not talk his own Language... If the Uncle of Master Fard Muhammad could not talk his own Language, then what Language was His uncle forced to speak, since it was clear that he could not speak his OWN language? AND what was the REAL LANGUAGE of MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD and HIS UNCLE (his original language)? ...

Of course WE understand that His Uncle was and is the Black Man of America.


After learning Mathematics, which is Islam, and Islam is Mathematics, it stands true. You can always prove it at no limit of time.

Then you must learn to use it and secure some benefit while you are living, that is -luxury, money, good homes, friendship in all walks of life.

Sit yourself in Heaven at once! That is the greatest Desire of your Brother and Teachers.

Now you must speak the Language so you can use your Mathematical Theology in the proper Term- otherwise you will not be successful unless you do speak well, for she knows all about you.

(there is more to this problem, but we will stop right here)

Within this problem we learn that MATHEMATICS IS (=) ISLAM... it stands true...You can PROVE ISLAM or MATHEMATICS in NO limit of TIME (MOTION)... If you do what?... Learn to use it... Mathematics (ISLAM).By using ISLAM or MATHEMATICS we can secure benefits while we are living, that is luxury, money, good homes, friendship in all walks of life.Now you must speak the Language (MATHEMATICS) so you can use your Mathematical Theology ( ISLAMIC study of GOD) in the proper TERM (TIME, UNDERSTANDING)-- otherwise you will not be successful unless you do speak well, for she knows all about you...

NOW... The God tells US to speak well or WE will NOT be successful... what Brings success IS OUR ability to speak the Language and USE OUR Mathematical Theology (Islamic study of God) in the proper Term (time)... the Language that WE ALL should speak is MATHEMATICS, this Language is called ISLAM.Master Fard Muhammad's Language is Mathematics; therefore, the Language of His Uncle is Mathematics, or ISLAM...

BUT... When the God found us in the wilderness WE did not speak ISLAM or Mathematics... what did we speak?

"Well, they were made blind, deaf and dumb by the Devil when they were babies"By making US blind, deaf, and dumb; the devil stripped US of mathematics, and made US fearful (EMOTIONAL)...

Since Slavery, OUR LANGUAGE has been EMOTION! WE SEE through OUR EMOTIONS....WE HEAR through our EMOTIONS... and WE SPEAK through our EMOTIONS... E- Motion is contrary to MOTION, which is TIME... TIME equals motion, Time is MOTION... E- Motion is not time, it is TIME STANDING STILL... for this reason it is said... Mathematics (ISLAM) "STANDS" true.

But you CANNOT PROVE it UNLESS you make Moves (MOVEMENT)... so it states... You can ALWAYS PROVE it at NO LIMIT of TIME (MOTION)... NO LIMIT of MOTION!! (WE got to get BUSY, get MOVING!)

BUT... WE have to learn to use it (SPEAK), if not WE WILL NOT be successful... WE will be ALL TALK... NO MOTION!

POINT...Every 5 Percenter, Every Follower of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, regardless if they are under the leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan or not.... ARE Actually GODS, (ACTUAL FACT)... but UNTIL WE learn OUR Mathematical Language (NOT TALK), Learn to USE (NOT TALK) OUR MATHEMATICAL THEOLOGY, then WE STAND as GODS in POTENTIAL... NOT in REALITY!!


DO YOU GET IT.... Father Allah, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD'S GREATEST DESIRE was to teach US so that we could SIT "OURSELVES" in HEAVEN!

Are WE in HEAVEN?!!Do We HAVE Luxury, Money, Good Homes, and Friendships in All walks of life? HELL NO... Emphatically NO!

NATION of ISLAM members stick to their own...

5 Percenters STICK to THEIR OWN...

WE ONLY have friendship with those in our GROUP... NOT... All Walks of LIFE! This is terrible... this is Unacceptable!

IN CONCLUSION....We are GOD in potential, in ACTUAL FACTS... But not in reality! WE should ALL DESIRE to be MUSLIMS FIRST!!

WHY... BECAUSE... in order to become GOD, you Must SUBMIT.. TO WHAT... to ISLAM, MATHEMATICS! You got to do the MATH CORRECT, NOT WRONG... OUR understanding can not be based on emotions or what WE THINK WE KNOW, OUR understanding MUST be on what WE CAN PROVE!!

Some GODS Don’t Like to SUBMIT... But YOU have to Submit to your LESSONS OR you cant be GOD You Have To SUBMIT to NATURES LAWS, are you are a DEVIL not GOD!


Then don’t feed me the Bullshit... IF WE were GOD, WE would Kill The SWINE, WE WOULD MURDER THE DEVIL... DO WE Have the power to DESTROY CRACK... SAVE the CRACK BABIES... RECLAIM and RESTORE the CRACK WHORES... STOP the GANG VIOLANCE... GET OUR PEOPLE OUT of POVERTY, and OUT of the PRISON HOUSES... IF WE DO... IF YOU DO... GOD... MUSLIM... REVOLUTIONARIES... WHY HAVENT WE DID IT YET???... IS it because WE LIKE IT, WE love it...OR is it Because WE CANNOT SPEAK OUR OWN LANGUAGE! ARE WE STILL BLIND, DEAF, and DUMB?! ARE WE DEVILS OR GODS...which one!! Come on show and PROVE... Miss ME with the GOD RHETORIC, THE T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Bumper stickers... LET’S SEE some ACTION... SOME movement!!

We SUBMIT to Alcohol RAN by the 10 Percenters

WE SUBMIT to Pornography Ran by the 10 Percenters

We SUBMIT to the Banking and Financial Institutions Ran by the 10 Percenters

WE SUBMIT to the so-called Law Authorities Ran by the 10 Percenters

The 10 Percenters give US OUR our marriage Licenses

The 10 Percenters give US our Social Security Numbers

The 10 Percenters print the Money that WE fight and kill over

The 10 Percenters make Whores of our Women, and Faggots of our babies

The 5 percent does not BELIEVE in the Teachings on the 10 percent... BUT... WE SUBMIT to the TEACHINGS of the 10 % EVERYDAY!! Oh you don’t, WE don’t? Come on NOW!

WE cant change OUR condition until or unless WE acknowledge and recognize that CONDITION!

Do YOU mean that the 5 Percent BELIEVES in the TEACHINGS (LESSONS) of Master Fard Muhammad... BUT... WE WONT SUBMIT TO THEM?! WE can BE a MUSLIM (one who submits) to the DEVIL... But we REFUSE to SUBMIT to the TEACHINGS OF MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD!!

PLEASE... of course a Muslim can be God, and a God can be A Muslim!! More later GOD Willing....


Bro. Philip A. Muhammad... A wanna be-muslim trying to be GOD!


  1. Thanks bruh for the invitation...I will continue to adorn my crown with the jewels you drop ;0)