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What is ISLAM…. We know that the Arabic word ISLAM has been traditionally defined as Peace, or submission. We also understand that Prophet Muhammad of Arabia (PBBUH) was the vessel through which the HOLY QUR’AN was revealed; however, do we realize that the Arabic language preceded Prophet Muhammad. Do we understand that the word ISLAM was in existence prior to what we today accept as the Holy Qur’an… of course we do. But why is this relevant?

Students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad have been taught clearly and precisely that GOD came to the WILDERNESS of AMERICA in 1910, we are also taught that HE BEGAN to make HIMSELF known July 4th 1930. This simple MATH allows us to conclude that the ONE whom The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to as ALLAH or GOD traveled in and out of AMERICA for 20 years prior to HIMSELF being made known. Once the GOD began making HIMSELF known, HE started to give us LESSONS, the LESSONS were a series of QUESTIONS and ANSWERS that were designed to train and elevate the mind of those that were considered DEAD. These DEAD ones were referred by GOD as the Lost Members of the Tribe of Shabazz… The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to these same individuals as the so-called Negroes.

As students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad we hold the Lessons, or the Supreme Wisdom that was given to us by God ALLAH in the HIGHEST regard… failure to do so contradicts our claim that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met face to face with GOD; for these LESSONS are the verification certificates of that claim, it is through the LESSONS, and the PRESENCE of these LESSONS alone that prove not only the identity of GOD Himself, BUT the identity of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as well.

Many argue over what is MORE important the Holy Qur’an OR the LESSONS… well I will answer that question this way…. The Muslims in the EAST have had the Qur’an for over 1400 years… but they clearly lack an understanding of it. Perhaps, if they studied the LESSONS, they would be able to re-kindle the pure ISLAMIC passion and spirit that was present when the PROPHET was alive… before the black man and woman can even begin to appreciate the TRUE value of the Holy Qur’an they should first develop a love and fundamental understanding of their LESSONS.

Now… many students CLAIM to love the LESSONS, many claim to understand them, and many believe that they can articulate them as well as defend them… but before we get into the meat of the subject, I ask all these scholars, all these self proclaimed Muslim followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, all the self-proclaimed students of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, all the self-proclaimed Gods and Earths of the Five Percent Nation, students of Silas, Solomon, Warrith Deen, and anyone else that is in any way at all connected to the SUPREME WISDOM… I ask all of you the following QUESTION… By what standard do you measure YOUR understanding of a WISDOM that you did not personally Create, Dictate, or Reveal… AGAIN… what is our personal standard of measurement in terms of OUR understanding of a WISDOM that we CLAIM as the SUPREME WISDOM. You see, the fullness of the SUPREME WISDOM can ONLY be manifested through the MATHEMATICAL implementation of a SUPREME Understanding.

In order to prove that your WISDOM is SUPREME, you must be able to demonstrate it through the mathematical result of application. Supreme is NOT the result of declaration… SUPREME is an ACTIVE result of Distinction and Separation. What is DECLARED as SUPREME must be proven as such by its application in contrast to ANY THING else that declares SUPREMACY!! I hope you are following me… lip service means NOTHING, it is the mathematical result of your WISDOM that JUSTIFIES it as SUPREME or WEAK!! The TRUTH of your WISDOM must be thrown at the head of falsehood, if it can not only DESTROY falsehood, but KNOCK out its brains, then you have went a long way in establishing the supremacy of your Wisdom.

So let’s get to the point…

Master Fard Muhammad brought us a SUPREME WISDOM; in this Wisdom, He stated that ISLAM is MATHEMATICS… ISLAM (=) Mathematics. This means that you cannot have one (ISLAM) without the other (MATHEMATICS)… or vice versa. Although the Arabic word ISLAM is defined as PEACE… or Submission… Master Fard Muhammad; the one whom The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad revealed to US as GOD ALLAH, teaches us that Islam IS Mathematics, the definition of Islam can still be seen as PEACE or SUBMISSION, BUT… WHAT “IS” ISLAM… Islam IS MATHEMATICS… there is a distinction WITH a difference.

The most BASIC law of Mathematics is Cause and Effect… in the LESSONS we are told that the Fruit of Islam is the name given to the Military Training of the Men that belong to Islam in North America. The intent of this training is to bring forth a militant man, a man that embraces the military aspects of ISLAM or Mathematics! But lets back up a bit… the FRUIT OF ISLAM… a FRUIT is the result of a seed that has been PLANTED… RIGHT! Okay… A Fruit OF Islam, is the RESULT of ISLAM, which is Mathematics… the RESULT OF MATHEMATICS or the R.O.M! What is Mathematics? It is ISLAM… the SUPREME WISDOM is ISLAM, this ISLAM is Mathematics… a student that is the RESULT of the SUPREME WISDOM, is the FRUIT of that WISDOM!!

The Military Training is the study and implementation of a discipline that was born out of the Supreme Wisdom… it is not the DEVILS military… It is God’s military; this means the basis of this military discipline will be mathematics, or Islam!! The most SUPREME LAW or DISCIPLINE is Mathematics; therefore, the true value and strength of a Fruit of Islam should not simply be how many pushups he can do, or how well he can physically fight…BUT… the true value and discipline of a Fruit of ISLAM is his ability to utilize HIS mathematics… which is ISLAM. If he is successful, you will see his success fundamentally demonstrated by the presence of Luxury, Money, Good Homes, and friendships in all walks of life… this is merely the FIRST evidence that He is doing the Math correctly.

You see, the devil uses mathematics as well… He was given one book of Mathematics, meaning to say… he was given ONE book of Islam. The crucial key is that he was taught by his father to use that book of mathematics (ISLAM) in a TRICKY way. The Devil makes an interpretation… of what?... of the language! What language?... mathematics! So… a true FOI will fight and murder the devil not simply physically, but with his ISLAM or Mathematics… when a FOI does this they can begin to secure some benefits while they are LIVING…. Failure to do so proves that we have not yet learned to use our ISLAM… we have not learned how to use our Mathematical Theology! The Military Training of the Men that belong to Islam in North America should teach the men to not rely on EMOTIONS but on the Mathematics… Emotional instability is what perpetuates the slave mentality and allows the devil to continue to control us… I will be preparing a writing on that reality shortly if it be the will of ALLAH…. In closing…

The universe is comprised of a LAW, that law is Mathematics, that Law is ISLAM… a Muslim is ONE that submits his or her Will to the Will of ALLAH… Allah is the originator of MATHEMATICS… our physical presence within this UNIVERSE is the RESULT (fruit) of a Mathematical Equation. The Universal Equation is comprised of KNOWN and UNKNOWN variables… each person or thing, place or idea, is either known or unknown, the quest for knowledge is the journey that we embark on to become acquainted with what is unknown… it is the acquisition of this knowledge that allows us to put what is MADE and CREATED in the PROPER context or ORDER… this PROPER CONTEXT generates PEACE and HARMONY… it is this that mathematically equals out as Islam. Wisdom is our ability to Utilize what is known… to apply it… to use it in its PROPER TERM!! Master Fard Muhammad is the SUPREME BEING because it is HE who has completely come into the knowledge of the known and unknown, the seen and unseen… PROVE IT… OKAY!! Every Muslim follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, of Farrakhan, of Silas, of Wallace… and EVERY Five Percenter, have all gotten their knowledge and subsequent titles from HIM… you have submitted to a Mathematical reality that was presented to you by HIM… We ALL exist within HIS CIPHER!! We cannot even JUSTIFY our individual or collective realities without the use of terms and terminologies that were introduced to US by HIM….

Is GOD and FOI.. of course He is…

The Original MAN (MIND) God Creator… When he originated HIMSELF, He ORIGINATED Mathematics… the mathematical search for perfection was predicated on the understanding and realization of the known and unknown variables…. Time has brought about the Mathematical Result of the Originators ultimate DESIRE… PERFECTION… that Perfect MAN IS Master FARD MUHAMMAD… Therefore… Master Fard Muhammad is the RESULT of Mathematics, or the FRUIT of ISLAM… BUT… since HE has MASTERED ISLAM, since HE has MASTERED MATHEMATICS… He is not SIMPLY the RESULT, He IS also the CAUSE!! He Creates the FRUIT… He is the FRUIT… He is the GOD… so HE makes the GOD’s… God is the FRUIT and the ROOT; or the Beginning and the END, deal with IT!!

Look out for part II… IS FATHER ALLAH an FOI… and PART III… IS the Five Percent Nation of Islam necessary for the Establishment of the Kingdom of GOD?


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  2. Good post Bro. Philip!!! That's how you draw it up. Simple application.... As-Salaam Alaikum!!!