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Debt-The Essence of Modern Slavery--An Excerpt

Debt-The Essence of Modern Slavery An Excerpt from The HipHop Nation: Willie Lynch's Newest Slave"

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." -Thomas Jefferson

Americans, living in what is called the richest nation on earth; seem always to be short of money. Wives are working in unprecedented numbers, husbands hope for overtime hours to earn more, or take part-time jobs evenings and weekends, children look for odd jobs for spending money, the family debt climbs higher, and psychologists say one of the biggest causes of family quarrels and breakups is "arguments over money." Much of this trouble can be traced to the present "debt-money" system. Too few people realize why the American founding fathers wrote into Article I of the U.S. Constitution: Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value Thereof.

Money Is Created

Economists use the term "create" when speaking of the process by which money comes into existence. Now, creation means making something that did not exist before. Lumbermen make boards from trees, workers build houses from lumber, and factories manufacture automobiles from metal, glass and other materials. But in all these they did not "create," they only changed existing materials into a more usable and, therefore, more valuable form. This is not so with money. Here and here alone, man actually "creates" something out of nothing. A piece of paper of little value is printed so that it is worth a piece of lumber. With different figures it can buy the automobile or even the house. Its value has been "created" in the true meaning of the word.

As is seen by the above, money is very cheap to make, and whoever does the "creating" of money in a nation can make a tremendous profit! Builders work hard to make a profit of 5percent above their cost to build a house.
Auto makers sell their cars for 1percent to 2 percent above the cost of manufacture and it is considered good business. But money "manufacturers" have no limit on their profits, since a few cents will print a $1 bill or a $10,000 bill. That profit is part of the story, but first let us consider another unique characteristic of the thing - money, the love of which is the "root of all evil".


An adequate supply of money is indispensable to civilized society. We could forego many other things, but without money industry would grind to a halt, farms would become only self-sustaining units, surplus food would disappear, jobs requiring the work of more than one man or one family would remain undone, shipping, and large movements of goods would cease, hungry people would plunder and kill to remain alive, and all government except family or tribe would cease to function.
An overstatement, you say?—not at all. Money is the blood of civilized society, the means of all commercial trade except simple barter. It is the measure and the instrument by which one product is sold and another purchased. Remove money or even reduce the supply below that which is necessary to carry on current levels of trade, and the results are catastrophic. For an example, we need only look at America's Depression of the early 1930's.


In 1930 America did not lack industrial capacity, fertile-farm land, skilled and willing workers or industrious farm families. It had an extensive and highly efficient transportation system in railroads, road networks, and inland and ocean waterways. Communications between regions and localities were the best in the world, utilizing telephone, teletype, radio, and a well-operated government mail system. No war had ravaged the cities or the countryside, no pestilence weakened the population, nor had famine stalked the land. The United States of America in 1930 lacked only one thing: an adequate supply of money to carry on trade and commerce. In the early 1930's, the rich and powerful Bankers, the only source of new money and credit, deliberately refused loans to industries, stores and farms. Question; who were these Bankers, and what were their motives?!

Payments on existing loans were required however, and money rapidly disappeared from circulation. Goods were available to be purchased, jobs waiting to be done, but the lack of money brought the nation to a standstill. By this simple ploy America was put in a "depression" and the greedy Bankers took possession of hundreds of thousands of farms, homes, and business properties. The people were told, "times are hard," and "money is short." Not understanding the system, they were cruelly robbed of their earnings, their savings, and their property.


World War II ended the "depression." The same so-called Jewish Bankers who in the early 30's had no loans for peacetime houses, food and clothing, suddenly had unlimited billions to lend for Army barracks, K-rations and uniforms! A nation that in 1934 couldn't produce food for sale suddenly could produce bombs to send free to Germany and Japan!

With the sudden increase in money, people were hired, farms sold their produce, factories went to two shifts, mines re-opened, and "The Great Depression" was over! Some politicians were blamed for it and others took credit for ending it. The truth is the lack of money (caused by the Bankers) brought on the depression, and adequate money ended it. The people were never told that simple truth and hopefully in this book we will endeavor to show how these same Bankers who control our money and credit have used their control to plunder America and place us in bondage; and with the help of the ignorant so-called Negro rapper has created an entire generation that instead of seeking total and complete liberation, would prefer to consume and emulate the filth and swine slop propagated by the 2006 version of the Uncle Tom.


When we can see the disastrous results of an artificially created shortage of money, we can better understand why the so-called Founding Fathers of America insisted on placing the power to "create" money and the power to control it ONLY in the hands of the Federal Congress. They believed that ALL citizens should share in the profits of its "creation" and therefore the national government must be the ONLY creator of money. They further believed that ALL citizens, of whatever State or Territory, or station in life would benefit by an adequate and stable currency and therefore, the national government must also be, by law, the ONLY controller of the value of money.
Since the Federal Congress was the only legislative body subject to all the citizens at the ballot box, it was, to their minds, the only safe depository of so much profit and so much power. They wrote it out in the simple, but all-inclusive: "Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value Thereof."


Instead of the Constitutional method of creating our money and putting it into circulation, we now have an entirely unconstitutional system. This has resulted in almost disastrous conditions, as we shall see.
Since our money was handled both legally and illegally before 1913, we shall consider only the years following 1913, since from that year on, ALL of our money has been created and issued by an illegal method that will eventually destroy the United States if it is not changed. Prior to 1913, America was considered a prosperous, powerful, and growing nation, evidently at peace with its neighbors and the envy of the world. But - in December of 1913, Congress, with many members away for the Christmas holidays, passed what has since been known as the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. (For the full story of how this infamous legislation was forced through our Congress, read The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin or Conquest or Consent, by W. B. Vennard). Omitting the burdensome details, it simply authorized the establishment of a Federal Reserve Corporation, with a Board of Directors (The Federal Reserve Board) to run it, and the United States was divided into 12 Federal Reserve "Districts."

This simple, but terrible law completely removed from Congress the right to "create" money or to have any control over its "creation," and gave that function to the Federal Reserve Corporation. This was done with appropriate fanfare and propaganda that this would "remove money from politics" (they didn't say "and therefore from the people's control") and prevent "Boom and Bust" from hurting their citizens. The people were not told then, and most still do not know today, that the Federal Reserve Corporation is a private corporation controlled by so-called Jewish bankers and therefore is operated for the financial gain of the bankers over the people rather than for the good of the people. The word "Federal" was used only to deceive the people.


Since that "day of infamy," more disastrous than Pearl Harbor, the small group of "privileged" people who lend us "our" money have accrued to themselves all of the profits of printing our money' - and more! Since 1913 they have "created" tens of billions of dollars in money and credit, which, as their own personal property, they then lend to our government and our people at interest. "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" had become the secret policy of our National Government. An example of the process of "creation" and its conversion to people's "debt" will aid our understanding.


We shall start with the need for money. The Federal Government, having spent more than it has taken from its citizens in taxes, needs, for the sake of illustration, $1,000,000,000. Since it does not have the money, and Congress has given away its authority to "create" it, the Government must go to the "creators" for the $1 billion. But, the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, doesn't just give its money away! The Bankers are willing to deliver $1,000,000,000 in money or credit to the Federal Government in exchange for the Government's agreement to pay it back - with interest! So Congress authorizes the Treasury Department to print $1,000,000,000 in U.S. Bonds, which are then delivered to the Federal Reserve Bankers.

The Federal Reserve then pays the cost of printing the $1,000,000,000 (about $1,000) and makes the exchange. The Government then uses the money to pay its obligations. What are the results of this fantastic transaction? Well, $1 billion in Government bills are paid all right, but the Government has now indebted the people to the Bankers for $1 billion on which the people must pay interest! Tens of thousands of such transactions have taken place since 1913 so that by the 1980's, the U.S. Government was indebted to the Bankers for over $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) on which the people pay over $100 billion a year in interest alone with no hope of ever paying off the principal. Supposedly our children and following generations will pay forever and forever! As of 2006, the American debt is $9 Trillion.

You say, "This is terrible!" Yes, it is, but I have shown only part of the sordid story. Under this unholy system, those United States Bonds have now become "assets" of the Banks in the Reserve System which they then use as "reserves" to "create" more "credit" to lend. Current "fractional reserve" requirements allow them to use that $1 billion in bonds to "create" as much as $15 billion in new "credit" to lend to States, Municipalities, to individuals and businesses. Added to the original $1 billion, they could have $16 billion of "created credit" out in loans paying them interest with their only cost being $1,000 for printing the original $1 billion! Since the U.S. Congress has not issued Constitutional money since 1863 (over 140 years), in order for the people to have money to carry on trade and commerce they are forced to borrow the "created credit" of the Monopoly Bankers and pay them usury-interest!

In addition to the vast wealth drawn to them through this almost unlimited usury, the Bankers who control the money at the top are able to approve or disapprove large loans to large and successful corporations to the extent that refusal of a loan will bring about a reduction in the price that that Corporation's stock sells for on the market.

After depressing the price, the Bankers' agents buy large blocks of the stock, after which the sometimes multi-million dollar loan is approved, the stock rises, and are then sold for a profit. In this manner billions of dollars are made with which to buy more stock. This practice is so refined today that the Federal Reserve Board need only announce to the so-called Jewish ran newspapers an increase or decrease in their "rediscount rate" to send stocks up and down as they wish. Using this method since 1913, the wicked Bankers and their agents have purchased secret or open control of almost every large corporation in America. Using that control, they then force the corporations to borrow huge sums from their banks so that corporation earnings are siphoned off in the form of interest to the banks. This leaves little as actual "profits" which can be paid as dividends and explains why stock prices are often depressed, while the banks reap billions in interest from corporate loans. In effect, the bankers get almost all of the profits, while individual stockholders are left holding the bag. It should be now understood how and why corporate heads and world bankers all share similar sounding surnames. They are all connected; their wealth can be traced to the same source. Their lifeline is the same, therefore so is their agenda, goals, and ideas.

The millions of working families of America are now indebted to the few thousand Banking Families for twice the assessed value of the entire United States. And these Banking Families obtained that debt against us for the cost of paper, ink, and bookkeeping! So-called Negro rappers are selling out their people on a global scale for paper with dead white men on them, and for diamonds with their people’s blood covering them. This is a shame and whether they like it or not, they need to be told the truth and corrected, and if they still don’t get the message, they should be destroyed!


The only way new money (which is not true money, but is "credit" representing a debt), goes into circulation in America is when it is borrowed from Bankers. When the State and people borrow large sums, they seem to prosper. However, the Bankers "create" only the amount of the principal of each loan, never the extra amount needed to pay the interest. Therefore the new money never equals the new debt added. The amount needed to pay the interest on loans is not "created," and therefore does not exist!

Under this kind of a system, where new debt always exceeds the new money no matter how much or how little is borrowed, the total debt increasingly outstrips the amount of money available to pay the debt. The people can never, ever get out of debt!
An example will show the viciousness of this usury-debt system with its "built-in" shortage of money.

IF $60,000 IS BORROWED, $255,931.20 MUST BE PAID BACK

When a citizen goes to a Banker to borrow $60,000 to purchase a home or a farm, the Bank clerk has the borrower agree to pay back the loan plus interest. At 14percent interest for 30 years, the Borrower must agree to pay $710.92 per month for a total of $255,931.20. The clerk then requires the citizen to assign to the Banker the right of ownership of the property if the Borrower does not make the required payments. The Bank clerk then gives the Borrower a $60,000 check or a $60,000 deposit slip crediting the Borrower's checking account with $60,000.
The Borrower then writes checks to the builder, subcontractors, etc., who in turn write checks. $60,000 of new "checkbook" money is thereby added to "money in circulation."

However, and this is the fatal flaw in a usury system, the only new money created and put into circulation is the amount of the loan, $60,000. The money to pay the interest is NOT created, and therefore was NOT added to "money in circulation."
Even so, this Borrower (and those who follow him in ownership of the property) must earn and TAKE OUT OF CIRCULATION $255,931, almost $200,000 MORE than he put IN CIRCULATION when he borrowed the original $60,000! (By the way, it is this interest which cheats all families out of nicer homes. It is not that they can't afford them; it is because the Banker's usury forces them to pay for 4 homes to get one!)
Every new loan puts the same process in operation. Each borrower adds a small sum to the total money supply when he borrows, but the payments on the loan (because of interest) then deduct a much LARGER sum from the total money supply.

There is therefore no way all debtors can pay off the money-lenders. As they pay the principal and interest, the money in circulation disappears. All they can do is struggle against each other, borrowing more and more from the money-lenders each generation. The money-lenders (Bankers), who produce nothing of value, slowly, then more rapidly, gain a death grip on the land, buildings, and present and future earnings of the whole working population. SLAVERY


If you haven't quite grasped the impact of the above, let us consider a small auto loan for 3 years at 18percent interest. Step 1: Citizen borrows $5,000 and pays it into circulation (it goes to the dealer, factory, miner, etc.) and signs a note agreeing to pay the Banker $6,500. Step 2: Citizen pays $180 per month of his earnings to the Banker. In 3 years he will take OUT of circulation $1,500 more than he put IN circulation.

Every loan of Banker "created" money (credit) causes the same thing to happen. Since this has happened millions of times since 1913 (and continues today), you can see why America has gone from a prosperous, debt-free nation to a debt-ridden nation where practically every home, farm and business is paying usury-tribute to some Banker. The usury-tribute to the Bankers on personal, local, State and Federal debt totals more than the combined earnings of 25percent of the working people. Soon it will be 50percent and continue up.


In the millions of transactions made each year, like those above, very little currency changes hands, nor is it necessary for it to do so. 95percent of all "cash" transactions in the U.S. are by check or electronic money transfer, so the Banker is perfectly safe in "creating" that so-called "loan" by writing the check or deposit slip, not against actual money, but AGAINST YOUR PROMISE TO PAY IT BACK! The cost to him is paper, ink and a few dollars in salaries and office costs for each transaction. It is "check-kiting" on an enormous scale. The profits increase rapidly, year after year.


In 1910 the U.S. Federal debt was only $1 billion, or $12.40 per citizen. State and local debts were practically non-existent.
By 1920, after only 6 years of Federal Reserve shenanigans, the Federal debt had jumped to $24 billion, or $226 per person.
In 1960 the Federal debt reached $284 billion, or $1,575 per citizen and State and local debts were mushrooming.
By 1981 the Federal debt passed $1 trillion and was growing exponentially as the Banker's tripled the interest rates. State and local debts are now MORE than the Federal, and with business and personal debts totaled over $6 trillion, 3 times the value of all land and buildings in America.
If we signed over to the money-leaders all of America we would still owe them 2 more Americas (plus their usury, of course!) This is based upon the above numbers, consider the current national debt:

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 16 Mar 2009 at 09:55:31 PM GMT is:

The estimated population of the United States is 305,827,544
so each citizen's share of this debt is $35,951.25.
The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$3.71 billion per day since September 28, 2007!
However, they are too cunning to take title to everything. They will instead leave you with some "illusion of ownership" so you and your children will continue to work and pay the Bankers more of your earnings on ever-increasing debts. The "establishment" has captured our people with their ungodly system of usury and debt as certainly as if they had marched in with a uniformed army.


To grasp the truth that periodic withdrawal of money through interest payments will inexorably transfer all wealth in the nation to the receiver of interest, imagine yourself in a poker or dice game where everyone must buy the chips (the medium of exchange) from a "banker" who does not risk chips in the game, but watches the table and every hour reaches in and takes 10percent to 15percent of all the chips on the table. As the game goes on, the amount of chips in the possession of each player will go up and down with his "luck."

However, the TOTAL number of chips available to play the game (carry on trade and business) will decrease rapidly.

The game will get low on chips, and some will run out. If they want to continue to play, they must buy or borrow them from the "banker." The "banker" will sell (lend) them ONLY if the player signs a "mortgage" agreeing to give the "banker" some real property (car, home, farm, business, etc.) if he cannot make periodic payments to pay back all of the chips plus some EXTRA ones (interest). The payments must be made on time, whether he wins (makes a profit) or not.

It is easy to see that no matter how skillfully they play, eventually the "banker" will end up with all of his original chips back, and except for the very best players, the rest, if they stay in long enough, will lose to the "banker" their homes, their farms, their businesses, perhaps even their cars, watches, rings, and the shirts off their backs!

Our real-life situation is MUCH WORSE than any poker game. In a poker game none is forced to go into debt, and anyone can quit at any time and keep whatever he still has. But in real life, even if we borrow little ourselves from the Bankers, the local, State, and Federal governments borrow billions in our name, squander it, then confiscate our earnings from us and pay it back to the Bankers with interest. We are forced to play the game, and none can leave except by death. We pay as long as we live, and our children pay after we die. If we cannot pay, the same government sends the FBI or IRS to take our property and give it to the Bankers. The Bankers risk nothing in the game; they just collect their percentage and "win it all." In Las Vegas and at other gambling centers, all games are "rigged" to pay the owner a percentage, and they rake in millions. The Federal Reserve Bankers' "game" is also rigged, and it pays off in billions!

In recent years Bankers added real "cards" to their 'game. "Credit" cards are promoted as a convenience and a great boon to trade. Actually, they are ingenious devices by which Bankers collect 2percent to 5percent of every retail sale from the seller and 18percent interest from buyers. A real "stacked" deck!


Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters who have wondered why politicians always spend more tax money than they take in should now see the reason. When they begin to study our "debt-money" system, they soon realize that these politicians are not the agents of the people but are the agents of the Bankers, for whom they plan ways to place the people further-in debt. It takes only a little imagination to see that if Congress had been "creating," and spending or issuing into circulation the necessary increase in the money supply, THERE WOULD BE NO NATIONAL DEBT, and the over $4 Trillion of other debts would be practically non-existent. Since there would be no ORIGINAL cost of money except printing, and no CONTINUING costs such as interest, Federal taxes would be almost nil. Money, once in circulation, would remain there and go on serving its purpose as a medium of exchange for generation after generation and century after century, just as coins do now, with NO payments to the Bankers whatever!


But instead of peace and debt-free prosperity, we have ever-mounting debt and periodic wars. We as a people are now ruled by a system of Banker-owned Mammon that has usurped the mantle of government, disguised itself as our legitimate government, and set about to pauperize and control our people. It is now a centralized, all-powerful political apparatus whose main purposes are promoting war, spending the peoples' money, and propagandizing to perpetuate itself in power. Our two large political parties have become its servants, the various departments of government its spending agencies and the Internal Revenue its collection agency.
Unknown to the people, it operates in close cooperation with similar apparatuses in other nations which are also disguised as "governments." Some, we are told, are friends. Some, we are told, are enemies. "Enemies" are built up through international manipulations and used to frighten the American people into going billions of dollars more into debt to the Bankers for "military preparedness," "foreign aid to stop communism," “Islamic Terrorist” "minority rights," etc. Citizens, deliberately confused by brainwashing propaganda, watch helplessly while our politicians give our food, goods, and money to Banker-controlled alien governments under the guise of "better relations" and "easing tensions." Our Banker-controlled government takes our finest and bravest sons and daughters and sends them into foreign wars with obsolete equipment and inadequate training, where tens of thousands are murdered, and hundreds of thousands are crippled. Other thousands are morally corrupted, addicted to drugs, and infected with venereal and other diseases, which they bring back to the United States. When the "war" is over, we have gained nothing, but we are scores of billions of dollars more in debt to the Bankers, which was the reason for the "war" in the first place!


The profits from these massive debts have been used to erect a complete and almost hidden economic and political colossus over our nation. They keep telling us they are trying to do us "good," when in truth they work to bring harm and injury to our people. These would-be despots know it is easier to control and rob an ill, poorly-educated and confused people than it is a healthy and intelligent population, so they deliberately prevent real cures for diseases, they degrade our educational systems, and they stir up social and racial unrest. For the same reason they favor drug use, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, abortion, pornography, and crime. Everything which debilitates the minds and bodies of the people is secretly encouraged, as it makes the people less able to oppose them or even to understand what is being done to them.

Family, morals, self respect, fear of God, all that is honorable, is being swept away, while they try to build their new, subservient man. Our new "rulers" are trying to change our whole racial, social, religious, and political order, but they will not change the debt-money economic system by which they rob and rule. Our people are "debt-slaves" to the Bankers and their agents in the land that boasts of being free. It is conquest through the most gigantic fraud and swindle in the history of mankind. And I remind you again: The key to their wealth and power over us is their ability to create "money" out of nothing and lend it to us at interest. If they had not been allowed to do that, they would never have gained secret control of this nation and those who live in it. "The rich rule'th over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender" (Proverbs 22:7).


ALAN GREENSPAN: "In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. ... This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard."

PRESIDENT THOMAS JEFFERSON: "The system of banking [is] a blot left in all our Constitutions, which, if not covered, will end in their destruction... I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity... is but swindling futurity on a large scale."

PRESIDENT JAMES A. GARFIELD: "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce".

CONGRESSMAN LOUIS McFADDEN: "The Federal Reserve (Banks) are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the International Bankers".

HORACE GREELEY: "While boasting of our noble deeds were careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.

THOMAS A. EDISON: "People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project (Muscle Shoals Dam) nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work. This is the terrible thing about interest ...But here is the point: If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20 percent. Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution, pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way. It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People."

PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON: "A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world - no longer a Government of free opinion no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men". (Just before he died, Wilson is reported to have stated to friends that he had been "deceived" and that "I have betrayed my Country". He referred to the Federal Reserve Act passed during his Presidency.)

SIR JOSIAH STAMP, (President of the Bank of England in the 1920's, the second richest man in Britain): "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits".

MAJOR L .L. B. ANGUS: "The modern Banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate mint and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency".

RALPH M. HAWTREY (Former Secretary of the British Treasury): "Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing."

ROBERT HEMPHILL (Credit Manager of Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Ga.): "This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial Banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the Banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system. When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon".
The above information was presented in a way that helps the reader understand the reality of slavery within the modern context. As we continue, please understand the depth of these claims and the foundational support upon which I formulate my conclusions.

The reader may wish to consider the connection of the following:The Federal Reserve prints and loans the money
• The IRS collects the money
• The FBI investigates and prosecutes those whom they consider as breakers of the Federal Laws
• The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith labels any and all who dare speak out against the World Banks, the Federal Reserve Act, or the so-called Jewish elements of crime and deception as Anti-Semitic.

All four institutions were brought into existence the exact same year; 1913. Perhaps it is just a coincidence!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be Careful of What You Judge—Woe to Every Slanderer!

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

1 By those running and uttering cries!
2 And those producing fire, striking!
3 And those suddenly attacking at morn!
4 Then thereby they raise dust,
5 Then penetrate thereby gatherings
6 Surely man is ungrateful to his Lord.
7 And surely he is a witness of that.
8 And truly on account of the love of wealth he is niggardly.
9 Knows he not when that which is in the graves is raised,
10 And that which is in the breasts is made manifest?
11 Surely their Lord this day is Aware of them.
The Assaulters—Surah 100 Holy Quran: Maulana Muhammad Ali

In past and even recent blogs and notes I have attempted by the grace of Allah to show that Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, in His coming had a specific purpose and intent. As students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad we should all desire to come into a realization of the purpose, intent, and desire of the ONE that we claim to follow. Along these lines—we must at some point in recognition of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Mission and Intent, realize OUR individual and collective place WITHIN HIS ultimate plan and objective. For regardless if we understand the depth of the relationship between Master Fard Muhammad and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad or not; we as students of the MESSENGER must accept the fact that OUR collective and individual understanding of Master Fard Muhammad as GOD is based on the words and TEACHINGS of Whom we Claim is still alive and kicking within a reality that we have YET to know; a man that we say walked with, and talk to the Lord of All the Worlds face to face!

Since it is evidently clear that we as students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad never met the man Master Fard Muhammad face to face—is it not also clear that what we know of this man (or think we know) is based on not ONLY what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad tells us that Master Fard Muhammad said and teaches; but more importantly, OUR understanding of Master Fard Muhammad as GOD and HIS mission is based upon The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s UNDERSTANDING of what he heard his TEACHER say and teach.

Since The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is in fact the Messenger of Allah—should not our understanding of Allah and HIS specific Plan and Purpose be based upon what the Messenger understands and subsequently relays to us; for what good is him being the Messenger if we refuse to seek to understand and implement his message?

REMEMBER: It was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that met with GOD face to face for 40 (forty) months. It was The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad that was the ONLY one out of the FIRST 25,000 converts to Islam in the West that knew that the teacher that everyone argued the identity of—was in fact HE that would be one day Universally seen and recognized as GOD; that in fact WAS GOD at the time that the so-called students struggled over this STRANGER’S identity.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Since The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew the identity of HE that others were struggling to come to grips with—the Messenger was hearing the Words, Teachings, and Instructions with the understanding that those words, teachings, and instructions were coming not form a mere prophet, or a pastor, or a reverend, scholar or sage… but from the MOUTH of GOD HIMSELF!

Because the Messenger had this UNIQUE and SPECIAL knowledge of HE that was talking; how do you think HE listened and reacted to what was said and instructed as opposed to those that were IGNORANT of the ULTIMATE Identity of HE that they were claiming to follow!? REMEMBER: Those that DID NOT know the TRUE IDENTITY of Master Fard Muhammad still saw themselves as believers in the TEACHINGS—although it was evidently CLEAR that they did not KNOW the Identity of the TEACHER! So the ramification is this: The True Power of the TEACHINGS could not be seen within the lives of the so-called believers UNTIL they came into the TRUE awareness of the identity of the TEACHER!

Because The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad KNEW the TRUE IDENTITY of the TEACHER, the TEACHINGS had a different meaning, understanding, application, and power for him than those that were still blind to Master Fard Muhammad’s Identity! Hence The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad rose from just being a SERVANT (Minister) of Master Fard Muhammad, into the MESSENGER (Teacher) of MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD as GOD!

As the MESSENGER he was charged to get all of us to learn about ALLAH, what he had learned—he desired to share with us the meaning, understanding, application, and power of a GOD that was at one time shielded by our lack of understanding and ignorance! He took on the mission of erasing that lack of understanding and ignorance so that we too could experience the wisdom, strength, beauty and power of the ONE that had come to specifically and deliberately place us as the New Rulers of the Earth! This process is known as the Resurrection!

Bear with me the POINT of this note will be seen shortly!

NOW: If we call ourselves HIS followers or students, what should we be studying, and how should we be studying? It is my understanding that we must first accept that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met GOD face to face; for if he did not, that means he is not a Messenger but a liar, or a deceived person who is passing on his deception. If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is NOT the Messenger of GOD, then we can dismiss EVERYTHING that he teaches that comes as an extension of that claim! But it is clear that we cannot do that!!

If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is NOT the Messenger, then we automatically nullify and drastically reduce the identity and significance of his number one student; The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—based on the manifest evidence of the MINISTER and his works, it is certain that we cannot do that!!

Now Let Me Show You How This Works:

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met a man—that man is GOD; Master Fard Muhammad. Because he met this man, and learned from this man, and knew the true identity of this man; The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was able to bring about manifest evidence of the power and significance of THAT MAN! AGAIN, a man that was GOD!
If The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad made a claim that Master Fard Muhammad was and is GOD; yet was UNABLE to substantiate that claim by MANIFEST EVIDENCE, why would we today believe his claim?! (think) It is only because of what The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has DONE in relation to what he TEACHES that justifies HIS title and HONORABLE status within our lives! The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad took what was given to him and brought about a witness bearing evidence that would teach black people specifically, and the world in general that GOD had indeed come! This evidence was not meant to convince HIMSELF; because HE was already convinced, HE did what HE did to show us the power of a GOD that we simply did not KNOW!

The same is true for The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—most of today’s students never met the Messenger; therefore, what we know of the Messenger is based on the manifest evidence of the MINISTER! We accept the Messenger in a huge part due to the Ministers understanding and ability to make the Messenger a Real Live human being within our lives! The presence of the Minister is an irrefutable bearing of witness of the two that he claims and proves backs him in his mission. The Minister’s works are based upon his understanding and recognition of the two that preceded him; and on what they taught and instructed! The Minister is considered honorable ONLY because he has honored the teaching, instructions, and guidance of Allah as given to him by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Likewise it’s the Messenger’s ability and willingness to do the same in regards to Master Fard Muhammad that makes him the MOST honorable! You follow me?

If we take and accept the evidence presented by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan concerning the identity and reality of the TWO we have NEVER met; we then can return to the words, teachings, and instructions of Master Fard Muhammad as presented by The Most Honorable Elijah and begin to receive the POWER and INLUENCE that is so indicative of the understanding of OUR beloved MINISTER!

If we allow ourselves to be TRULY connected to the source of the MINISTER’S power; would that mean we too would begin to experience the same power?! Of course!! But what would be the difference between us and the MINISTER—US and anybody else that is connected to THAT power? The difference would be not in the presence of the power; but in the application of the said power. What this means is that each of US must accept our own and BE ourselves! We must apply the POWER and PRESENCE of GOD within the measurable parameters of the specific purpose or intent of OUR birth into GOD’S reality. SIMPLY: We must utilize OUR power within the confines of the role we play within the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE and PLAN of GOD HIMSLEF! A role that will be made known to us through the progressive growth that accompanies STRUGGLE and TRIALS! Clearly stated: We must “not take on Mixed Instructions other than OUR ASSIGNMENT.” What assignment—the assignment that is genetically encoded within the mathematical equation that is known as YOU! “Accept your Own AND Be YOURSELF”!


I have attempted to lay a foundation that will support the POINT that this note desires to make. I apologize for its length, but I pray that you have the patience to bear with me as I conclude!

Since we all have to “Accept Our Own AND Be Ourselves”; it should be obvious that we must have an independent and personal relationship with HE that is GUIDING us to HIMSELF. Because each of US is unique and distinct from the other, each of US has our individual learning capacity and growth rate! We all have distinct, yet equally vital roles to play within the ultimate plan of ALLAH; therefore, we all MUST QUALIFY ourselves for positions that are awaiting US! If we dedicate OURSELVES to the QUALIFICATION of SELF, then this focus would erase the presence of argument and discontent in relationship to others because we would remain focused on self, as opposed to focusing on others!

The Problem:

Within this present system of things, we have been brought up under the SPIRIT of COMPETITION—it seems as if OUR individual self worth is continuously being measured in relationship to others instead of our relationship to God’s expectations of US. Others DON’T have YOUR specific mission or purpose; therefore, how can you be judged by others if they don’t know Allah’s plan for YOU…. AND, YOU don’t even KNOW Allah’s plan FOR YOU! It is written that ALL YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS is LIKE FILTHY RAGS IN THE EYESITE OF THE LORD—think on that!

Those things that we feel that we have accomplished should be taken as personal growth rewards to our ability to keep on moving despite of pain and trail; this is because GROWTH can only be obtained within the presence of PAIN and TRAIL! Our spiritual growth and achievement should not be worn as a badge of HONOR in a way to ridicule, make mockery of, OR judge those that you may THINK has yet to obtain YOUR present so-called spiritual status! Humility in this regard; allows you to inspire others with your spiritual achievements, thereby facilitating a relationship that permits you to be seen as a TEACHER and AIDE within the tumultuous process of growth, and NOT a JUDGE! When this occurs your presence within the lives of those perceived as lesser developed in terms of their spiritual and knowledge base will be welcomed, and this welcoming spirit will be the necessary base element to true UNITY and the collective ability of all of us to get something done. Minus the spirit of humility, we begin to JUDGE situations and PEOPLE that we have yet to UNDERSTAND and truly KNOW—this thereby opens up the potential of SLANDER and BACK-BITING, which subsequently places US at odds with the GOD!

How do we know this? Because the situation, or the person that YOU choose to JUDGE is acting within the specific and intended developmental strategies of the GOD HIMSELF! It is GOD that is PREPARING HIS servant regardless if it’s a male or female in a way that HE sees fit; not the know it all self-righteous blowhard that always searches the horizon for a new person to JUDGE, or a new BACK to BITE!! What you may choose to JUDGE and deem as wrong, may be the EXACT person, thing, circumstance, and/or situation, that GOD HIMSLEF has ORDERED! And out of OUR ignorance of GOD and HIS methods—we may think we are placing OUR judgment on a particular person, thing, situation, or circumstance; but in fact we our placing OUR judgment on GOD HIMSELF! This is very dangerous, and the presence of such really shows the LACK of true spiritual awareness and understanding!

As I close; please pay attention to these next few points, for if it be the WILL of ALLAH this will validate my claims!


“The first step toward growing into the Mind of God is to desire to do His Will. Then, we must learn to obey His Commands. Allah (God) tests and tries His Servant to see how well he will obey Commands that he does not understand. He gradually brings the servant into understanding of what he has obeyed, but only after obedience. Through the suffering that accompanies obeying Allah (God) comes understanding and the Servant gradually grows into the Thinking of Allah (God).” MLF SG#18

Look at the message within the MINISTER’S point… Allah desires to bring all of HIS servants up into HIS MIND! If we as students and MUSLIMS desire to do the WILL of GOD—we can ONLY do it IF, IF, IF, IF…. WE grow into the THINKING of GOD! How will GOD grow US up into HIS thinking!! By giving US COMMANDS! Allah’s commands are DESIGNED to TEST and TRY HIS potential servant! If we are to grow into the MIND of GOD we must OBEY HIS COMMANDEMNTS!! But what is soooo difficult in OBEYING HIS COMMANDMENTS!!? Perhaps it is because we are given commandments that we DO NOT understand! So maybe if we UNDERSTAND particular commandments, those types of commandments are not the ones that the MINISTER is talking about above! OR maybe we think we UNDERSTAND a commandment that we SIMPLY DO NOT!

The Minister Says:

“Allah (God) may try a servant with a certain command. Since a servant of God is always desirous of doing His Will, giving such a person a command can only be a trial if that person believes that the command is against what he or she has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” MLF SG#18

Wow, did we Get That?!! A command from GOD can ONLY be considered as a TRIAL if the person who receives that command “believes that the command is against what he or she has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” Look at this point hard, and think on it! Allah will give HIS servants a command that the SERVANT believes is WRONG!! Or NOT RIGHT! The command is only a TRIAL because it is AGAINST what we may THINK or BELIEVE is RIGHT! SOOO, all of OUR RIGHTeousness is like filthy rags in the EYESITE of the LORD!

Well for those that may think that this does not pertain to you and your reality; ask yourself this question: Why is the MINISTER telling you this! And for those that think that this is JUST talking about the MINISTER and the MESSENGER…. Ask yourself why does the MINISTER say… “against what HE or SHE has been taught is right, fair, just or in keeping with our understanding of Revelation.” Both the Minister and Messenger are MEN… but he said HE or SHE! The purpose of our lessons is to get us to climb into the Mind of God; therefore, the purpose of our lessons is to make US into Allah’s servants don’t you agree!?

Then The Minister Says:

“Through the command of the expressed Will of God, the servant's level of understanding up to that point in time causes an emotional reaction that could result in disobedience if it is not put in check. In this manner, Allah (God) helps us climb above Emotion, using our own desire to obey Him for sustenance during the steep climb.” MLF SG #18

Isn’t that beautiful? Allah acknowledges that it is a “STEEP CLIMB” and HE uses our DESIRE to obey HIM to keep us going in spite of the growing pain, frustration, and ostracizing elements that accompany that climb! The Minister says that the “the servant's level of understanding up to that point in time causes an emotional reaction”; well what is the problem with EMOTIONS?!

He Says:

“Thus, the emotional reactions to persons, events and circumstances are a defense mechanism which quickly surrounds the accepted belief to protect it from succumbing to a new one. We may react with one of many different emotions, depending upon the nature of the threat -- fear, anger, pride, etc. - but in any case, the emotion rises with great speed to ward off that which disturbs the community of beliefs. This is what is meant by the phrase, “rush of emotion”. It requires great and concentrated effort to take control over our emotions.” MLF SG #18

Now… the problem with the SLANDERER and BACK-BITER is that they operate outside the above understanding! As Allah is bringing about the fruition of HIS WILL and Desire; as ALLAH is in the PROCESS of making and developing HIS servants, the back-biters and defamers place themselves within that process! BUT…since ALLAH is GOD, and has already factored in the SCANDAL MONGERS; He has made provisions for them, and has utilized their wicked motives and intentions to facilitate the process of the servant’s growth. SIMPLY PUT: the SLANDERERS don’t hinder the plan of GOD; but ASSIST it, while at the same time manifesting their TRUE nature and HEART for those that would be observant to see.

It would seem that there is a MONSTER within the HEARTS of the BACK-BITERS and SLANDERERS! It would seem that the emotional reaction that comes with seeing a person or group operating within the specific plan of GOD, a plan that they don’t UNDERSTAND—causes a GREAT deal of EMOTION!

The Minister Says About This:

“There are monsters in the bottom of our consciousness. God brings these things up with Winds (Trials) that He sends to stir up the Waters of Emotion. These monsters rest beneath the surface of our being, unseen and undetected in our daily interactions.” MLF SG #18

Well HOW would the GOD stir these EMOTIONS!?

“In order to obey Allah’s (God's) command (s), we must overcome our emotional reaction to His command (s). At the root of the emotional reaction is frustration over something we personally desire, think, or believe. He challenges us where we are most comfortable with a command calculated to disturb our comfort. Thus, He says in the Holy Qur’an, “none comes between a man and his heart, except Allah”. MLF SG #18

Here ALLAH CALCULATES ways to DISTURB our COMFORT! HE desires to DISTURB OUR comfort! So as we blame the person that may cause us pain, we take Allah out of an EQUATION that HE is not only the MASTER of….BUT… the CREATOR of!!! This may hurt, but it is the TRUTH! So since we can’t get to GOD; we UNLEASH our frustration and anger on a PERSON that is merely acting within a specific plan of GOD!

Finally… as all of us attempt to grow into what the GOD desires for US; lets not be distracted by those that have been utilized to further OUR development! Though we may be irritated, or feel wronged and ill-treated—we should try to remember all of this is a process! None of us is perfect; and I sincerely doubt that EVEN the most righteous from among us would like for their dirty Laundry and thoughts to be aired out in public. Despite this undeniable reality, the back-biters and scandal mongers continue to spew their POISON by casting EVIL suggestions in FIRM resolutions! These types of devils come under the flag of righteousness in a way to reduce the status of others, so that they may be lifted up!

Again… these type of people view the journey as a competition, and they measure their development against the progress of others instead of the expectations of GOD! These persons can be seen as SLINKING DEVILS because they keep their noses in the mud, and always show a smile and good intent—while their true motive is kept guarded within the confines of their darkened heart!

“The word “suffer” means to “experience pain in soul or body”. The word translated affliction” in the New Testament means “pressure”. To suffer affliction is to suffer pressure, or to be “pressed down”. Peter refers to “heaviness" through many trials.
If we just attempt to obey Allah (God) we undergo suffering; or being brought low through the pressure and weight that is placed upon us. Jeremiah was lowered into a pit.
The word “tribulation” means “straitness or distress”. Tribulations and afflictions bring suffering in their wake. The Holy Qur'an states that we will “surely” be tried with deprivation: “Loss of life and property”.
When a man or woman is spiritually sensitive and any Servant of Allah (God) is, then he or she can experience acute suffering through temptations, relationships and attachments to persons who are not interested in God's Will; anxiety, debt and the oppression of men.
Unlike the disbeliever, the sincere believer does not find any real relief in worldly pursuits. Though he or she may enjoy lawful recreation, these offer no permanent solutions to the peculiar problems of the Believer. MLF SG #18

Lets really think on this!

“The Believer takes pleasure from living according to the Law of Allah (God) and fears deviation from it. So when Allah (God) issues a command that is contrary to His own Divine Law according to the Believer's understanding of it, there is a trial for the Believer.” MLF SG # 18
The MINISTER says that ALLAH will ISSUE a command that IS CONTRARY to HIS own DIVINE LAW--according to OUR UNDERSTANDING of that LAW!! Wow, what does that MEAN!! It means that although we may think we understand a DIVINE LAW; we may NOT! So how can we JUDGE another based on a LAW that we may not even understand!?
AND FINALLY FAMILY always REMEMBER THIS—for this understanding will allow you to deal with and get rid of the SLANDERERS and BACK-BITERS!!!

“Allah is not obligated to present trials one at a time, nor is He required to allow some minimal time lapse between them so that we can recover. He may confront us with many trials together, or one particularly long, grievous and painful trial.
At the peak of our trial, He may create circumstances that will cause us to be, or at least feel, completely deserted or abandoned. In the experience of abandonment by friends, family, even fellow believers, there is a sense of hopelessness; nothing to be thankful for. The Emotion usually associated with this condition is Depression.

“Why art thou cast down O My soul? Why art thou disquieted in me? ... My tears have been my meat day and night, while they continually say unto me, ‘Where is your God?’ Thou didst hide Thy face, and I was troubled.” Psalms 42:11
The situation can become almost unbearable” MLF SG #18

MAY ALLAH continue to BLESS us with Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding!

Thank you for your time and patience;

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Who Dares to Make War with the Beast? PART 1

"No political party speaks for Americans. American jobs and careers are being sacrificed to 'globalism.' American culture is being sacrificed to open borders. Americans' sons and daughters . . . are being sent to die in foreign wars that increase American insecurity. We are in a presidential campaign, and no issue is being addressed."
-- Paul Craig Roberts, July 12, 2004

"The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."
-- Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope, 1966

"Education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished."
-- Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, 1953

"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."
-- Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom, 1913

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."
-- President Roosevelt, Letter to Colonel House, November 1933

"There is no such thing in America as an independent press. . . . There is not one of you who dare to write his honest opinions. . . . I am paid $150 a week for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper. . . . We are the jumping-jacks; they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
-- John Swinton, addressing a group of journalists, April 12, 1883.

"It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries. Fichte laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. But in his day this was an unattainable ideal. . . .
In (the) future such failures are not likely to occur where there is dictatorship. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so." Bertrand Russell

The above statements; my Fellow Students of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, point to the presence of those who The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Characterized as the 10 % Blood Suckers of the Poor!

It only takes a superficial glance at the various pages of MYSPACE and other Network Forums found within the cyber boarders of the World Wide Web, to see and notice the countless self-proclaimed Revolutionaries, Prophets, Teachers, and Social activists… some claim to be atheists, some claim to be Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, Muslims and Reformist Christians… but the undeniable reality is that, very few; and I mean VERY FEW seem to have even a rudimentary grasp of the true battle, or the nature of the opposition!

I by no means claim to be the All-Knowing in any form or fashion… BUT… there is a fundamental understanding that must be realized if we are to take any of these arm-chair revolutionaries serious!

First: Do any of us really understand the Nature of the Beast? And if so, how have we demonstrated that understanding -- and what has been the result, if any, in terms of that demonstration?

Any reasonable revolutionary, militant, Muslim, God, etc… should at minimum have a sincere desire to build their knowledge and informational base… this desire should therefore be demonstrated by their unyielding desire to read. The Enemies of truth have spent several million man-hours developing systems and machinations that are designed to kill the desire to read that rests within the hearts and souls of the masses. It is our inability to stay focused, and our inability to do adequate research, that causes many of us to misunderstand the battle that we are fighting knowingly or unknowingly.

The presence of out of control emotions, as well as inadequate information has those who claim to desire freedom… still existing within the psychological and emotional tethers of slavery.

NOTE: "None are so hopelessly ENSLAVED as those who THINK they are free"?
As a Student of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His Minister…. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan; I build my understandings and conclusions on the firmest of all foundations and that is GOD Himself, the God who appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. The God that raised a Man that was born destined to become Christ(The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad); a Christ that was destined to give spiritual birth to a specially prepared and divinely commissioned man of that same GOD, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Although many choose to ignore or side-step the reality of Master Fard Muhammad and His subsequent Laborers, the fact remains that it is HE that by HIS coming, introduced to US (the black man and woman in AMERICA) a Wisdom, or knowledge base that thoroughly reveals not ONLY the BEAST, but the NATURE of that Beast. This truth can’t be ignored, this truth can’t be avoided, and it certainly can’t EVER be defeated.

It must be stated, and I will state it here… the Wisdom that Master Fard Muhammad has revealed; if studied and examined, poses the maximum threat to the BEAST and his ability to continue to exist. It is for this reason and this reason alone-- that the BEAST continues to condition the masses to REJECT the wisdom of Master Fard Muhammad through all forms of media and propaganda. BUT… if we would just have the patience to simply think for a moment, we will be able to get a hold of the BEAST and do away with him once and for all.

Consider the following:

As students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, we are taught that at the tender age of six (6) years old; Master Fard Muhammad saw Himself PUSHING the Fords, the DuPonts, and the Rockefellers into a Lake of Fire… what does this tell us, why is this significant?

Let’s examine a few facts… Master Fard Muhammad was not born in America; He first entered America in 1910. He traveled in and out of America for 20 years before He started to make HIS GREAT Mission known. On July 4th 1930, He began to teach a people that HE found in an area of Detroit, Michigan called “Black Bottom”. Remember at age six, Master Fard Muhammad came into an understanding of HIS mission; so HIS Mission has something to do with PUSHING the Fords, the DuPonts, and the Rockefellers into a lake of fire… But why them; and how will HE accomplish the above said?

All three; the Fords, the DuPonts, and the Rockefellers, represent High Wealth and Finance… these powerful families, lead by powerful men, are the prime examples of an American financial structure that is designed on the basis of a slave and slave master relationship. These men and families are not the ONLY examples; but these names trigger instant recognition and consideration. Therefore, if we understand the simple connection of these names to finance and economics, we thin begin to piece together who and what the Great Beast is.

For a moment let’s consider what Master Fard Muhammad teaches us:

Master Fard Muhammad gave us LESSONS, these Lessons are known as the Supreme Wisdom; they are a series of questions and answers that re-train the mind of a slave into the mind of a master, not a slave master… but a master of self.

One of the Questions that Master Fard Muhammad ask is:
Who is the 10%?
The answer is then given…
The Rich; the slave-makers of the poor, who teach the poor lies—to believe that the Almighty, True and Living God is a spook and cannot be seen by the physical eye.
Otherwise known as: The Blood-Suckers Of The Poor.

In this answer we see that the “RICH” is mentioned, we see that the “RICH” that HE is speaking of is in fact the “slave-makers” of the poor. This allows us to understand that the RICH maintain and establish their wealth on the backs of the poor. It is also important to understand that the “Rich” maintain their control over the “poor” by telling them lies, and utilizing religion and religious concepts to keep them in perpetual servitude. So within this understanding we realize that wealth and finance is connected to the BEAST, and wealth and finance is the mechanism that allows the beast to rule… if this is clear, then we have to accept the fact that the weakness of the Beast can be found within the BEAST’s so-called strength... Economics.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught US that DEBT is Slavery (debt=slavery); therefore, if WE are slaves to the RICH, it is because we are in debt to the RICH-- this understanding then points us to the study of debt and the study of credit in regards to understanding what must be done to obtain true freedom or liberation.

The MISTAKE of most so-called revolutionaries or reformist is their reliance on the GUN for the establishment of true Freedom and Justice… it is this belief and reliance that prevents forward movement… the concept of Violence or Bloodshed as the means by which to initiate an enduring change is a demonic concept, and shatters under the weight of commonsense. Of course violence or bloodshed is a natural result of self-preservation in regards to one defending themselves or Nation… the presence of blood should be the natural occurrence in response to any aggressive physical attack against individual, family, community, or nation; but bloodshed and violence is NEVER the natural precursor for the establishment of true FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and EQUALITY.

Lets be clear… The Enemies of Freedom, Justice, and Equality desire to murder and physically destroy any and all opposition to them and their ability to rule and enslave the masses; therefore, if those who are seeking true liberation and freedom are attacked by their enemies, those individuals reserve the natural right to fight back to utterly destroy those that have attacked them-- in this instance WE are not the aggressors, we have been aggressed upon; therefore, we stand together and fight as a solid wall!

Any true revolutionary or reformist understands that the fight for liberation is one of ECONOMICS and FINANCE; thus…Master Fard Muhammad did not envision HIMSELF pushing standing armies or so-called patriotic militia men into a lake of fire… HE saw HIMSELF pushing those that represent High Finance and Wealth into a lake of fire!

Lets advance:

In the year 1910, the same exact year that Master Fard Muhammad first arrived in AMERICA… a very important meeting took place; this meeting was one comprised of VERY rich and powerful men, these men were part of the 10 percent, these men met on an island! The name of this Island is “Jekyll Island”; this Island is situated off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia. Traveling by train under the guise of false identity and false motive, the rich and powerful men carried duck-hunting gear and rifle cases to shield their true identity, motive, and agenda… this pilgrimage of deception was clearly thought out and mathematically implemented—the definition of “Jekyll” is:
one having a two-sided personality, one side of which is good and the other evil… isn’t that a fun-fact?

Seven powerful men met on an ISLAND to implement plans that would under the cover of interpreted law cause the continued and evolved presence of mental, social, and economic slavery… the seven men were

Benjamin Strong (head of JP Morgan's Bankers Trust, later chairman of the Federal Reserve)
Frank A. Vanderlip (President, National City Bank of New York, representing William Rockefeller)
Charles D. Norton (President, 1st National Bank of New York) Henry P. Davison, Sr. (partner in JP Morgan Company) A. Piat Andrew (Asst Secretary of the Treasury) Nelson W. Aldrich (Republican whip in the Senate and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) Paul M. Warburg (partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs in Europe)
All of these men were lieutenants or representatives if you will, of even more powerful men and financial and government institutions-- these men were apparent competitors that decided to come together in order to institute plans and procedures that would bring about the most powerful Cartel in the world; a Cartel is defined as:

1 : a written agreement between belligerent nations 2 : a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices 3 : a combination of political groups for common action.

With a plan to create debt-based money (slave based) secured and backed by nothing but then air(NOTHING), this SPOOK backed money would allow the 10 percent bloodsuckers to continue to enslave the masses by an ‘endless’ multiplication of debt-created paper notes (dollars) under the treasonous policy of “Fractional Reserve Banking” and its machine of operation; the Federal Reserve.

Although many people utilize the services of local and national banks, the shameful fact is that most fail to understand the nature of these banks and the concept known as “fractional reserve banking”. To make it plain, this form of banking is when a bank is only obligated by law to hold within its vault a fraction of its total deposits! Historically the amount required by law to be held within the vaults of the banks was a mere 10 percent (interesting number) of its total deposits, but that has changed; banks are now simply required just to hold 1 percent of the cash deposits that are made by its customers. But what does this mean, and how does this affect the people? To get a clear understanding lets examine it from a historical perspective.

In the early 17th century, goldsmiths (TRADERS) were charged with the responsibility of storing and safe-keeping the gold given to them by their customers. These goldsmiths in turn gave (traded) their customers receipts that were to be used to redeem the gold that was given to the goldsmith to secure. If one hundred dollars in gold was given to a goldsmith, that goldsmith gave the customer a one hundred dollar gold receipt, or certificate! This receipt or note could be used at anytime by the customer to redeem or re-claim the gold that was held by the goldsmith; of course the goldsmith charged a reasonable fee or surcharge for the services rendered due to the securing of the gold. (money changers in the Temple)

None the less, soon the clever and opportunistic goldsmiths realized that the customers that gave them their gold for safe keeping, never came at once to redeem their gold; in fact, most had no real need to claim their gold at all because the notes or receipts that were given by the goldsmiths were readily used and traded within a system of market and commerce. (The notes began to be used AS money)
It was simple; as long as the various elements of trade and commerce accepted the gold receipts and notes for financial business transactions, there was really no need for the customers of the goldsmiths to re-claim their gold or carry it around with them. Now this was the genesis of a problem; people that put their gold on deposit for safe keeping, were issued a note for the gold on deposit, then FIGURED (incorrectly) that since the note could redeem the gold, it must be just as good as the gold it can redeem, so they began spending the note in the market place as if it was the gold itself! But it was not the GOLD it was the PAPER (note), so something of value (consumer goods) was gained by the exchange of something (paper) of potential value (receipt, or promissory note).

Look at it this way:

The NOTE was NOT as good as the gold any more than a warehouse receipt for an apple is as good as the apple, nor is the note for the apple an APPLE! Master that! The note or receipt is probably paper, and one can effortlessly write anything on paper...but how do you get gold? Doesn't someone have to apply human effort in mining and refining...LABOR!!!

What does Master Fard Muhammad say in ENGLISH LESSON NO. C1

“the TRADER made an interpretation that they receive GOLD for their labor—more than they were earning in their own country.”

Now within the above LESSON; those that are familiar with this particular lesson will realize that I lifted the above quote out of a particular thought that Master Fard Muhammad was articulating, however, the quote is still utilized within the proper context.

MEANING: The trader (what trader), promised GOLD, for what!? FOR LABOR! Whose labor?! The Slaves LABOR! Now; “did they receive gold?” NOPE, sure in hell did not!

Well if the slaves gave LABOR, and labor can be seen as force and energy applied within the parameters of time and functional desire; and the slaves did not receive GOLD, what did the slaves receive? NOTHING! Now; fast forward to modern times, the new-slaves work their set schedules, they perform their set duties or labor, and what do they receive in exchange? Paper! And since 1933, when the Dollar (paper) was completely dissociated from GOLD, or the GOLD STANDARD, what is the Dollar or note (paper) backed by? NOTHING! Exactly, are you starting to see the problem?
Now Master Fard Muhammad says within the same lesson that was mentioned above; that the slaves “likes the Devil because the Devil gives him nothing.” Well why do we like this present system of things…perhaps it’s because the rulers over us uses the allusion of wealth and opportunity through our labor (jobs and careers) by giving us MONEY, or dollars, that is backed by what?? NOTHING!

I don’t want to lose you, so we will slow down and re-approach this subject from another angle!!!

Master Fard Muhammad states in our PROBLEM BOOK section of the SUPREME WISDOM that Islam is Mathematics; in fact, the entire question is as follows:

After learning Mathematics, which is Islam, and Islam is Mathematics, it stands true. You can always prove it at no limit of time. Then you must learn to use it and secure some benefit while you are living, that is—luxury, money, good homes, friendship in all walks of life.
Sit yourself in Heaven at once! That is the greatest Desire of your Brother and Teachers.
Now you must speak the Language so you can use your Mathematical Theology in the proper Term—otherwise you will not be successful unless you do speak well, for she knows all about you.
The Secretary of Islam offers a reward to the best and neatest worker of this Problem.
There are twenty-six letters in the Language and if a Student learns one letter per day, then how long will it take him to learn the twenty-six letters?
There are ten numbers in the Mathematic Language. Then how long will it take a Student to learn the whole ten numbers (at the above rate)?
The average man speaks four hundred words—considered well.
What we want to do at this point is focus on a couple of points!

First: This particular problem is known as Problem No. 13; this problem that is actually apart of a section of the Supreme Lessons (The Lessons) that is known as The Problem Book, is the ONLY problem that is listed TWICE within the Lessons. Also; this question is copied from the back of the book, and then placed in the front portion of the book prior to the Actual facts, The Student Enrollment, and Lost-Found Muslim Lesson No. 1. The emphasis of placement suggests the importance of the problem, and should cause us to examine and then re-examine the importance and relevance of this particular problem.

Second: This Problem is known as PROBLEM NUMBER 13! And it is a problem that connects or draws a link between Mathematics, Islam, and Money… or LUXURY! The relevance of these links should cause the mind to focus on the qualities of all three in relation to each other. By examining the links, and also dissecting the distinct and unique qualities of each; we get a deeper connection to the mind that articulated Problem No. 13, and the purpose or intent of that said problem.

Is it not interesting that this Number is 13, and that the establishment of the Federal Reserve, or the creators and controllers of money was established in the 12 month of the year 1913? Is it a coincidence that Master Fard Muhammad told us that the devil’s power of rule officially ended in the year 1914? Would the establishment of not only the Federal Reserve; but the IRS, The FBI, and ADL in the exact same year of 1913 mean that the enemies of truth and justice (the 10 %) were bringing about buffers and institutions that would counteract, or fight against the emerging changes that would be brought about by Master Fard Muhammad, and triggered by HIS making himself KNOWN on July the FOURTH 1930. Well if you THINK that these things are ALL coicedences; do me a favor—First, count the letters J-U-L-Y- T-H-E- F-O-U-R-T-H = 13! Second, the year of Master Fard Muhammad made himself known is 1930; do you see it? 1+9=10 and 3+0= 3 now take and add 10 + 3 and what do you get? 13!
Okay, the president that signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, was one of the most outwardly racist presidents in the history of the UNITED STATES! Do we know his name? Of course we do; Woodrow Wilson, spell it for me! W-O-O-D-R-O-W W-I-L-S-O-N! How many letters is that? EXACTLY—13! I know, that is a stretch; well what year did he begin his presidency…1913! You still can’t see it; okay what year was he elected in as President? 1912! 1+9=10 AND 1+2= 13!

All of things are a coincidence RIGHT!? Yeah I know; and it is a coincidence that the year Master Fard Muhammad began to make HIMSELF known was 1930! AND it’s a coincidence that the FOI where upon their UNIFORMS WFM?; what do those letters represent W. Fard Muhammad! Okay, okay… count the letters for me; again 13! When Master Fard Muhammad began to make Himself known, the president was Herbert Hoover; I’m not even going to ask you to count the numbers… you ALREADY know the routine! 13! AND of course you already recognize that Mr. Hoover was the 31!! President of the United States… 31; 13 what’s the difference!?

The mathematical theology of the Nation of Islam and the God, Master Fard Muhammad is deep and profound. Problem Number 13 is a extremely relevant and valuable piece of study; along with the THIRTEEN (13) Instructions Given to The Laborers by Our SAVIOUR, W.D. FARD MUHAMMAD, we should have a clearer picture or OUR assignment within this day and time, and a broader view of our DUTY within this time.

Please Stay Tuned for the NEXT PORTION of this 13 Part SERIES: TRUTH to POWER; Who Dares to Make War with the Beast?
May Allah bless us all with an increased UNDERSTANDING!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009



What is ISLAM…. We know that the Arabic word ISLAM has been traditionally defined as Peace, or submission. We also understand that Prophet Muhammad of Arabia (PBBUH) was the vessel through which the HOLY QUR’AN was revealed; however, do we realize that the Arabic language preceded Prophet Muhammad. Do we understand that the word ISLAM was in existence prior to what we today accept as the Holy Qur’an… of course we do. But why is this relevant?

Students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad have been taught clearly and precisely that GOD came to the WILDERNESS of AMERICA in 1910, we are also taught that HE BEGAN to make HIMSELF known July 4th 1930. This simple MATH allows us to conclude that the ONE whom The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to as ALLAH or GOD traveled in and out of AMERICA for 20 years prior to HIMSELF being made known. Once the GOD began making HIMSELF known, HE started to give us LESSONS, the LESSONS were a series of QUESTIONS and ANSWERS that were designed to train and elevate the mind of those that were considered DEAD. These DEAD ones were referred by GOD as the Lost Members of the Tribe of Shabazz… The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to these same individuals as the so-called Negroes.

As students of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad we hold the Lessons, or the Supreme Wisdom that was given to us by God ALLAH in the HIGHEST regard… failure to do so contradicts our claim that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad met face to face with GOD; for these LESSONS are the verification certificates of that claim, it is through the LESSONS, and the PRESENCE of these LESSONS alone that prove not only the identity of GOD Himself, BUT the identity of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as well.

Many argue over what is MORE important the Holy Qur’an OR the LESSONS… well I will answer that question this way…. The Muslims in the EAST have had the Qur’an for over 1400 years… but they clearly lack an understanding of it. Perhaps, if they studied the LESSONS, they would be able to re-kindle the pure ISLAMIC passion and spirit that was present when the PROPHET was alive… before the black man and woman can even begin to appreciate the TRUE value of the Holy Qur’an they should first develop a love and fundamental understanding of their LESSONS.

Now… many students CLAIM to love the LESSONS, many claim to understand them, and many believe that they can articulate them as well as defend them… but before we get into the meat of the subject, I ask all these scholars, all these self proclaimed Muslim followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, all the self-proclaimed students of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, all the self-proclaimed Gods and Earths of the Five Percent Nation, students of Silas, Solomon, Warrith Deen, and anyone else that is in any way at all connected to the SUPREME WISDOM… I ask all of you the following QUESTION… By what standard do you measure YOUR understanding of a WISDOM that you did not personally Create, Dictate, or Reveal… AGAIN… what is our personal standard of measurement in terms of OUR understanding of a WISDOM that we CLAIM as the SUPREME WISDOM. You see, the fullness of the SUPREME WISDOM can ONLY be manifested through the MATHEMATICAL implementation of a SUPREME Understanding.

In order to prove that your WISDOM is SUPREME, you must be able to demonstrate it through the mathematical result of application. Supreme is NOT the result of declaration… SUPREME is an ACTIVE result of Distinction and Separation. What is DECLARED as SUPREME must be proven as such by its application in contrast to ANY THING else that declares SUPREMACY!! I hope you are following me… lip service means NOTHING, it is the mathematical result of your WISDOM that JUSTIFIES it as SUPREME or WEAK!! The TRUTH of your WISDOM must be thrown at the head of falsehood, if it can not only DESTROY falsehood, but KNOCK out its brains, then you have went a long way in establishing the supremacy of your Wisdom.

So let’s get to the point…

Master Fard Muhammad brought us a SUPREME WISDOM; in this Wisdom, He stated that ISLAM is MATHEMATICS… ISLAM (=) Mathematics. This means that you cannot have one (ISLAM) without the other (MATHEMATICS)… or vice versa. Although the Arabic word ISLAM is defined as PEACE… or Submission… Master Fard Muhammad; the one whom The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad revealed to US as GOD ALLAH, teaches us that Islam IS Mathematics, the definition of Islam can still be seen as PEACE or SUBMISSION, BUT… WHAT “IS” ISLAM… Islam IS MATHEMATICS… there is a distinction WITH a difference.

The most BASIC law of Mathematics is Cause and Effect… in the LESSONS we are told that the Fruit of Islam is the name given to the Military Training of the Men that belong to Islam in North America. The intent of this training is to bring forth a militant man, a man that embraces the military aspects of ISLAM or Mathematics! But lets back up a bit… the FRUIT OF ISLAM… a FRUIT is the result of a seed that has been PLANTED… RIGHT! Okay… A Fruit OF Islam, is the RESULT of ISLAM, which is Mathematics… the RESULT OF MATHEMATICS or the R.O.M! What is Mathematics? It is ISLAM… the SUPREME WISDOM is ISLAM, this ISLAM is Mathematics… a student that is the RESULT of the SUPREME WISDOM, is the FRUIT of that WISDOM!!

The Military Training is the study and implementation of a discipline that was born out of the Supreme Wisdom… it is not the DEVILS military… It is God’s military; this means the basis of this military discipline will be mathematics, or Islam!! The most SUPREME LAW or DISCIPLINE is Mathematics; therefore, the true value and strength of a Fruit of Islam should not simply be how many pushups he can do, or how well he can physically fight…BUT… the true value and discipline of a Fruit of ISLAM is his ability to utilize HIS mathematics… which is ISLAM. If he is successful, you will see his success fundamentally demonstrated by the presence of Luxury, Money, Good Homes, and friendships in all walks of life… this is merely the FIRST evidence that He is doing the Math correctly.

You see, the devil uses mathematics as well… He was given one book of Mathematics, meaning to say… he was given ONE book of Islam. The crucial key is that he was taught by his father to use that book of mathematics (ISLAM) in a TRICKY way. The Devil makes an interpretation… of what?... of the language! What language?... mathematics! So… a true FOI will fight and murder the devil not simply physically, but with his ISLAM or Mathematics… when a FOI does this they can begin to secure some benefits while they are LIVING…. Failure to do so proves that we have not yet learned to use our ISLAM… we have not learned how to use our Mathematical Theology! The Military Training of the Men that belong to Islam in North America should teach the men to not rely on EMOTIONS but on the Mathematics… Emotional instability is what perpetuates the slave mentality and allows the devil to continue to control us… I will be preparing a writing on that reality shortly if it be the will of ALLAH…. In closing…

The universe is comprised of a LAW, that law is Mathematics, that Law is ISLAM… a Muslim is ONE that submits his or her Will to the Will of ALLAH… Allah is the originator of MATHEMATICS… our physical presence within this UNIVERSE is the RESULT (fruit) of a Mathematical Equation. The Universal Equation is comprised of KNOWN and UNKNOWN variables… each person or thing, place or idea, is either known or unknown, the quest for knowledge is the journey that we embark on to become acquainted with what is unknown… it is the acquisition of this knowledge that allows us to put what is MADE and CREATED in the PROPER context or ORDER… this PROPER CONTEXT generates PEACE and HARMONY… it is this that mathematically equals out as Islam. Wisdom is our ability to Utilize what is known… to apply it… to use it in its PROPER TERM!! Master Fard Muhammad is the SUPREME BEING because it is HE who has completely come into the knowledge of the known and unknown, the seen and unseen… PROVE IT… OKAY!! Every Muslim follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, of Farrakhan, of Silas, of Wallace… and EVERY Five Percenter, have all gotten their knowledge and subsequent titles from HIM… you have submitted to a Mathematical reality that was presented to you by HIM… We ALL exist within HIS CIPHER!! We cannot even JUSTIFY our individual or collective realities without the use of terms and terminologies that were introduced to US by HIM….

Is GOD and FOI.. of course He is…

The Original MAN (MIND) God Creator… When he originated HIMSELF, He ORIGINATED Mathematics… the mathematical search for perfection was predicated on the understanding and realization of the known and unknown variables…. Time has brought about the Mathematical Result of the Originators ultimate DESIRE… PERFECTION… that Perfect MAN IS Master FARD MUHAMMAD… Therefore… Master Fard Muhammad is the RESULT of Mathematics, or the FRUIT of ISLAM… BUT… since HE has MASTERED ISLAM, since HE has MASTERED MATHEMATICS… He is not SIMPLY the RESULT, He IS also the CAUSE!! He Creates the FRUIT… He is the FRUIT… He is the GOD… so HE makes the GOD’s… God is the FRUIT and the ROOT; or the Beginning and the END, deal with IT!!

Look out for part II… IS FATHER ALLAH an FOI… and PART III… IS the Five Percent Nation of Islam necessary for the Establishment of the Kingdom of GOD?

This Interview was conducted by Kenneth Oden: Chairman of the University Board of Directors—California State University Northridge

KO: So, Mr. Muhammad what’s good?

PM: Allah, God the true and living, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

KO: Most definitely, I certainly agree with that.

PM: Yes sir!

KO: Mr. Muhammad…

PM: Brother, please… just call me bro. Philip

KO: okay Bro. Philip, I have a copy (manuscript) in my hand right now; and the thing that really gets my attention right off the jump is the books cover. This may be a silly question, but is there any special significance to the cover; I mean despite the obvious?

PM: (laughs) Well bro… that’s kind of tricky; what’s obvious to some may not be so obvious to others… but I do get your point. As I did the research for my book, I began to further understand that there is always so much more than what meets the eye… the so-called obvious. Like people in general, you can always see the skin or the clothes, but everyone knows that there is something deeper than that, deeper or under the cover of the proverbial fig leafs. I say fig leafs because they are used as a distraction, as a means to cover up something that an individual or group of individuals desires to be hidden. Regardless if it is good or bad, most people have something to hide; something that they don’t want everybody to know.

KO: Right, right… so as for the book’s cover, are you trying to hide something?

PM: (laughs) Of course not brother…not me! (smiling) The cover was designed by me to EXPOSE something that is covered up, that has not been made to be so obvious by individuals and groups; something that powerful people have spent uncountable dollars, and spent tremendous amounts of political, social, religious, and educational clout to keep a secret.

KO: And the cover exposes that?

PM: The cover itself does not expose what has been hidden by those who receive huge profit from your or my ignorance. The cover reveals to those that have something to hide; those that recognize the symbolism that comprises the book’s cover, that whoever put the cover together knows at least something of that which others desire to hide… you follow me?

KO: Yeah, I feel you.

PM: okay, the cover is just that; a cover! But what it covers is information that if understood would cause us to re-VIEW the cover, and realize that the cover itself gives an indication of what is, and has been under-COVER! (laughs)

KO: (laughs) Alright, what should I see in the book’s cover; I mean, before I have a chance to read the book, what are you trying to tell a 22 year old black male from southern California?

PM: Very good, first brother… the cover has gotten your attention! That’s the overall purpose and intent of the cover… to get your attention. Second, what do you see… you see a black background, black is the color of truth, and black means original because it is the essence from which all life comes; light itself can be traced within the essence of darkness, or that which is black. The UNIVERSE is black, UNI means one, and VERSE means TRUTH. There is one truth that truth is born out of darkness. The book’s cover is primarily black, but between the front and back cover is a truth that if understood would begin to help some of us see the light. You got me…

KO: Yeah, that’s pretty deep…

PM: After you see the blackness, you notice the seal of the United States of America, there is a huge amount of meaning behind this seal… but to be brief, it represents America and the social, political, economic, religious, and educational institutions that define the American agenda and global aspirations. This seal has been imposed upon the universal order of truth, and the justice that finds its root in that truth. America has imposed their view upon the peoples of the world, and in many ways has been successful in supplanting truth with lies. Therefore the seal is imposed upon the black background. But imposed on that seal is the Star of David, this symbol is adopted by the Zionist Jews that have an agenda that has been adopted by the government of the United States of America… hence it is red, white, and blue. Within the Star of David you find the gold HipHop Nation that is controlled by those that have chosen the flag of America, and the Star of David as their operational symbol. Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world; but just as gold, the valuable HipHop Nation is manipulated and utilized by those of a particular type and stripe!

KO: So within this book are these claims proven?

PM: I wouldn’t say proven in the context of PROOF… I would say proven in the context of irrefutable evidence that there is more to the global story than meets the eye. I would say that this book proves that those that have adopted the American global view have at least by default adopted the agenda of those that have adopted the Star of David. I’m not saying that everyone who operates under the banner of the American Seal or the Star of David can be proven to be associated, or endorsers of the American and Zionist agenda… what I claim is that those who endorse the American global agenda also endorse the Zionist agenda; and these people and groups use the Seal of America and the Star of David as their fig leaf! (smiles)

KO: Now, even if that is true; what does that have to do with HipHop, the music, you know… the artist?

PM: The world is made up of resources; resources have value because they are the source of those things that are necessary for the perpetuation of a healthy and well balanced life. Those individuals who desire to have power and dominion seeks to obtain and control the world’s resources. The individual or group that can control and dominate the world’s most valuable elements, by default control all those that have need of that which others control… you follow me?

KO: Yes…

PM: Anything of value must be controlled by those who have a serious desire for power. This control is necessary for the survival of those who have obtained power. HipHop has been proven as valuable, therefore those who wish to maintain power must control it.

KO: Why is it important to control HipHop, isn’t it just music? What makes it so valuable, is it because it makes millions of dollars?

PM: In this world value has been equated with money, money is simply that which allows something of value to be transferred from one person or group to another. If money could not reap something of equal or greater value than itself, then money has no true value at all… its simply paper. This means that need, or perceived need equates value, not money. The HipHop Nation is not valuable because it merely generates revenue, or the circulation of money … the HipHop Nation is valuable because it is comprised of valuable or needed people, people with valuable talent. The artists that make up the HipHop Nation are children of God, and their talents are God given resources certainly no less in value than other resources of the world; including, but not limited to gold, diamonds, platinum, and pearls. The talent of the HipHop artist has the potential to carry a message and information that can bring about a redistribution of power on a global scale. Those who operate from a higher level of power consciousness are aware of this; those that characterize themselves as rap artists generally seem to be ignorant of this fact.

KO: So it’s more than money… its power! You don’t think that most HipHop artists are aware of this?

PM: Apparently not… You might here a relative few speak about power and the redistribution of wealth; but most seem to lack awareness of their true value in relation to the national and international politic. The HipHop Nation generally misunderstands its true worth and value because it is fundamentally ignorant of the principles of wealth and power.

KO: Wealth and power

PM: Yes, wealth and power? The signer of a contract can never be the equal of him or her who writes the contract. A signature represents that you agree to, or accept the terms of what is written in the contract. He or she who signs the contract is legally obligated to him or her who writes the contract! Of course the writer of the contract has an obligation to the signer, and there is always some sort of a mutual benefit within the context of the contract. But a mutual benefit does not necessarily mean an equal benefit! The writer of a contract looks out primarily for their own interest… the writer of a contract only offer that which is necessary to get the other person to sign it. We often hear that the devil is in the details… and he is; however, the details are not necessarily the small print that you may see at the bottom of the contract, the details are found in the reasons for the contract in the first place… the hidden reasons and motivations that cause the devil to seek you out, to have you contractually obligated to him in the first place.

KO: Are you saying that the rap artists should not sign contracts?

PM: No… what I am saying is that, in order to demonstrate true wealth and power, the HipHop Nation should be able to write the contract, and get the devil to sign it; not the other way around. When a man behind a desk can assess your talent, a talent that was bestowed upon you by your creator, not the man behind the desk,: what that man offers you in exchange for the use of your talent should be in proportion to the benefit that man receives by the use of that said talent… you following me?

KO: Yes sir

PM: The details that are left out during the initial negotiation, is the detailed benefits that the man behind the desk will receive by an artist signing his or her name to a contract. When the artist is blind to his or her true value, then that artist enters into the negotiation process handicapped. As long as the artists equate value with money; paper, then the artist will receive paper, while he who writes the contract will receive the unseen benefits that dwarf whatever value we place on the paper! When the artists are ignorant of the true reasons behind the contract, the true intent or aspirations of he who has written the contract; then the artists are ignorant of themselves and what role they play within the agenda of those that will have you sign their contract. It is this reality that I attempt to relay within my book.

KO: Yes… after reading it, I admit that you certainly made that point. In the book I noticed that you really dealt with the… who you call “the so-called Jews”…

PM: Yes

KO: But within the title you call the HipHop Nation; “Willie Lynch’s newest slave”, yet you don’t spend as much time talking about Willie Lynch as you do the “so-called Jews”…

PM: Right, allow me to approach that issue from this standpoint. Willie Lynch has created a sickness within the mind-state of black America… this sickness can be referred to as the “Willie Lynch Syndrome”. Of course Sigmund Freud and his boys have not spent anytime studying or analyzing this condition; never the less, it is real. Because of the affects of Willie Lynch and the colonial slave master’s, the new and improved “corporate slave master” is able to put forth his international play for power in a more effective way. The seemingly subtle manipulation of power and the human resource is only proven effective because of the mental condition that Willie helped to put black folks in. Therefore, this condition is diagnosed as what it is… and while making this diagnosis, I spend a considerable amount of time proving this condition by highlighting who is benefiting from it, how they are benefiting, and by showing what is the consequence of our inability to free ourselves from this condition.

KO: I understand that… but it seems like you are placing a lot of blame on Jewish people.

PM: No… not Jewish people! I am not blaming Jewish people at all! I am blaming “so-called Jewish people”. By this I mean, there are people that go through life claiming to be something that they are actually not; they use the proverbial fig leaf to cover up who they really are. That fig leaf may be education, a nice suit, a phony smile, or even religion. This fig leaf acts as a distraction; while getting a victim or potential victim to focus on the fig leaf, the true person that is wearing the fig leaf is unleashing a subtle attack on those that are easily distracted or impressed by an outer exterior or presence. If as a society we have been conditioned into believing that the Jewish people are God’s chosen, that they are divinely guided and considered special… then what is a better fig leaf than that to be used as a cover for a crooked, and wicked deceiver? The enemy of truth and justice can use that fig leaf to not simply distract the people; but use this particular fig leaf to justify its nefarious ways and actions, ways and actions that are contrary to the social impression that they are attempting to make. These people that are guilty of doing this are not Jewish people, despite what they may claim or what we may believe; these people are no more Jews than the clansmen are Christian; or Arab terrorists are Muslim! They are so-called Jews, and by exposing their real identity, their real purpose and agenda, the fig leaf will be seen for what it is, and their true aspirations and machinations will be exposed!

KO: After reading your book, it seems that black people have been deceived…

PM: Exactly… By using ignorant rappers to entertain the people; to make the public sing and dance, the rappers are being used as a tool of the corporate slave masters. The rappers receive dollars for their services, they believe that their duty is to make the people sing and dance… but the arch-deceivers have contracted out the rapping slaves to shuck-n-jive, and to distract the people while the slave master manipulates and creates more slaves! The bigger a clown you are, the bigger buffoon you are, the more you can be trusted not to wake the sleeping giant. Therefore, you get more money, money to spend on drugs, gold and diamond teeth, sneakers, cars, and pussy!

KO: Are you saying that wealthy rappers, rappers such as 50 cent, Jay Z, TI, Snoop, P Diddy, and others are clowns… are buffoons?

PM: The rappers that you named; among several others, are examples of the kind of subject matter that gets backed by the wealthy and powerful. These rappers themselves are not wealthy; they are rich, they have a lot of money, paper and gold! But these rappers are absolutely controlled by wealthy white men… most of whom are so-called Jews! This is the truth. What do you know these rappers as… I mean think about it… so-called gangsters, hustlers, crack dealers, pimps, killers… what images are being marketed to the youth by the corporate slave masters? You see, when you prostitute yourself for wealth and power; you have no wealth and power at all. It is the fact that you DON’T have to sell-out that shows the level of power you have. Those rappers you mentioned push bullshit down the throats of the consumers, those rappers that you mentioned receive huge amounts of paper so that they will continue to infiltrate the young impressionable minds with ways and actions of a savage, and a crazed people… this is unacceptable. Regardless of the money, it is unacceptable! Their ways and actions, and their position within the master’s plantations show that they are circus clowns and buffoons!

KO: Okay, if that is the truth, why do you think that these rappers continue to sell-out?

PM: Listen… our people, black people, are poverty stricken as a whole. Our people are coming up out of a physical slavery, up into a mental slavery. We want to be kings and rulers… this is because it is in our nature to be that! However, we have been made to be mental slaves, this means that we approach our collective and individual endeavors from the position of a mental slave. Since we have been stripped from the true knowledge of ourselves, we believe that we should be given something; we don’t necessarily believe that we should create something. When you desire to be given something, then you approach those that have something in order to get something! You follow me…

KO: Yeah, I’m with you…

PM: Alright; if somebody has something you want, and you want them to give it to you, you must have something to offer… usually you offer what is in the best interest of he or she that has what you desire or want. This is done to entice the holder to give up what he or she has… in this case, the white boys want the rapper’s talent and soul. By getting control of the rappers and their souls, they can make the rappers say and do what is in the best interest of the corporations and their power brokers, and not what is in the best interest of the rappers, and the people from which the rappers were plucked!

KO: Well if that is the case, what can the rappers do, and what can we do to change this situation?

PM: First off I would say that we have to recognize and acknowledge the fact that we are presently slaves. We must understand the situation that we are in; then we must understand how those who desire to keep us in this position maintain and sustain this position. Second, by understanding the total dynamics of the slave and slave master relationship, we can begin to loosen the grip that restricts us, and prevents us from becoming an independent people. We as black people must realize the power of not our dollars, but the power of our contributions to the economic system of America.

KO: What do you mean by that?

PM: I hear people talk about how much consumer power that black people have; that in order to change our condition we must keep our black dollars within our community… buy black, you know what I mean…? Well that’s true; but, buying black, and circulating the paper dollar within our community is not wealth creation, it does not automatically generate liberation or independence! Buying black is just away to circulate paper from one person to the next… it won’t have the result that we need. It’s a start, but it is far from what the black community actually needs!

KO: So what do we need!

We need wealth, we need control over resources; particularly our resources! If we lack land, if we lack a particular product or commodity that will generate wealth… not money; not paper… but wealth, then we will forever be slaves to those that control and dominate the world’s resources. This is what I am trying to say to the HipHop Nation, your talent is a resource, the athletic talent that is found within the black nation is a resource, and it is a valuable commodity. Our problem is that we approach our talent, we understand our talent as labor, as a means to make money! We don’t seem to recognize the power of our talent and the fact that it is as important and valuable as any other commodity or natural resource. By allowing others to define our individual and collective worth, they can extract the powerful elements of our presence to benefit themselves and there agenda…. WELL, what if we can recognize the power of our talent, of our presence, and utilize that talent in a way that supports our agenda.

KO: I see your point…but how?

PM: Again… it all begins with recognition, why do outsiders choose to utilize; to contract our talent… is it for money? Not necessarily, they already have money…paper! They utilize us to push an agenda, a message… we are being used as commercials, as America’s spokesmen and women…. Why!? Because the world wants to hear us, the world is amazed by our talents, by our skills, by our resilience, and by our strengths. Just as black people are amazed and enamored by gold and diamonds, the global population is awed by black people and what we have done since slavery! What the slave master has done is contracted our talent, marketed our talent, and slapped a made in America sticker on our ASS! We are being used for their purposes… for their messages.

KO: So how can we get our own message out, how can we market our own agenda?

PM: The internet is the informational super highway. At this point all we have to do is have a desire to push a new message! We have to develop the means and desire to trade our commodity to the world without the assistance of the corporate master. Now of course they have paper, and they want us to take their paper in exchange for our talent; but their paper is not worth anything, it is backed by nothing. If we begin to discipline ourselves, and reevaluate what value is… then we will begin to realize that a Benz or a Cadillac is nothing, it is small in terms of what we really need, or should want in exchange for our talent. We must stop trying to keep up with white folks in terms of their buying habits, their lifestyle, and their societal priorities. It is an allusion, we cannot compete; therefore what if we stop trying, what if we reject the American commercials that sale a lifestyle that we clearly can’t afford? Well if we do that, if we begin to change our individual and collective priorities, the slave master will be forced to re-examine their methods; thereby allowing us to see them as they are, and allowing us to make the appropriate adjustments that will secure us true liberation and independence!

KO: Thanks bro!

PM: Thank you!