Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Interview was conducted by Kenneth Oden: Chairman of the University Board of Directors—California State University Northridge

KO: So, Mr. Muhammad what’s good?

PM: Allah, God the true and living, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

KO: Most definitely, I certainly agree with that.

PM: Yes sir!

KO: Mr. Muhammad…

PM: Brother, please… just call me bro. Philip

KO: okay Bro. Philip, I have a copy (manuscript) in my hand right now; and the thing that really gets my attention right off the jump is the books cover. This may be a silly question, but is there any special significance to the cover; I mean despite the obvious?

PM: (laughs) Well bro… that’s kind of tricky; what’s obvious to some may not be so obvious to others… but I do get your point. As I did the research for my book, I began to further understand that there is always so much more than what meets the eye… the so-called obvious. Like people in general, you can always see the skin or the clothes, but everyone knows that there is something deeper than that, deeper or under the cover of the proverbial fig leafs. I say fig leafs because they are used as a distraction, as a means to cover up something that an individual or group of individuals desires to be hidden. Regardless if it is good or bad, most people have something to hide; something that they don’t want everybody to know.

KO: Right, right… so as for the book’s cover, are you trying to hide something?

PM: (laughs) Of course not brother…not me! (smiling) The cover was designed by me to EXPOSE something that is covered up, that has not been made to be so obvious by individuals and groups; something that powerful people have spent uncountable dollars, and spent tremendous amounts of political, social, religious, and educational clout to keep a secret.

KO: And the cover exposes that?

PM: The cover itself does not expose what has been hidden by those who receive huge profit from your or my ignorance. The cover reveals to those that have something to hide; those that recognize the symbolism that comprises the book’s cover, that whoever put the cover together knows at least something of that which others desire to hide… you follow me?

KO: Yeah, I feel you.

PM: okay, the cover is just that; a cover! But what it covers is information that if understood would cause us to re-VIEW the cover, and realize that the cover itself gives an indication of what is, and has been under-COVER! (laughs)

KO: (laughs) Alright, what should I see in the book’s cover; I mean, before I have a chance to read the book, what are you trying to tell a 22 year old black male from southern California?

PM: Very good, first brother… the cover has gotten your attention! That’s the overall purpose and intent of the cover… to get your attention. Second, what do you see… you see a black background, black is the color of truth, and black means original because it is the essence from which all life comes; light itself can be traced within the essence of darkness, or that which is black. The UNIVERSE is black, UNI means one, and VERSE means TRUTH. There is one truth that truth is born out of darkness. The book’s cover is primarily black, but between the front and back cover is a truth that if understood would begin to help some of us see the light. You got me…

KO: Yeah, that’s pretty deep…

PM: After you see the blackness, you notice the seal of the United States of America, there is a huge amount of meaning behind this seal… but to be brief, it represents America and the social, political, economic, religious, and educational institutions that define the American agenda and global aspirations. This seal has been imposed upon the universal order of truth, and the justice that finds its root in that truth. America has imposed their view upon the peoples of the world, and in many ways has been successful in supplanting truth with lies. Therefore the seal is imposed upon the black background. But imposed on that seal is the Star of David, this symbol is adopted by the Zionist Jews that have an agenda that has been adopted by the government of the United States of America… hence it is red, white, and blue. Within the Star of David you find the gold HipHop Nation that is controlled by those that have chosen the flag of America, and the Star of David as their operational symbol. Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world; but just as gold, the valuable HipHop Nation is manipulated and utilized by those of a particular type and stripe!

KO: So within this book are these claims proven?

PM: I wouldn’t say proven in the context of PROOF… I would say proven in the context of irrefutable evidence that there is more to the global story than meets the eye. I would say that this book proves that those that have adopted the American global view have at least by default adopted the agenda of those that have adopted the Star of David. I’m not saying that everyone who operates under the banner of the American Seal or the Star of David can be proven to be associated, or endorsers of the American and Zionist agenda… what I claim is that those who endorse the American global agenda also endorse the Zionist agenda; and these people and groups use the Seal of America and the Star of David as their fig leaf! (smiles)

KO: Now, even if that is true; what does that have to do with HipHop, the music, you know… the artist?

PM: The world is made up of resources; resources have value because they are the source of those things that are necessary for the perpetuation of a healthy and well balanced life. Those individuals who desire to have power and dominion seeks to obtain and control the world’s resources. The individual or group that can control and dominate the world’s most valuable elements, by default control all those that have need of that which others control… you follow me?

KO: Yes…

PM: Anything of value must be controlled by those who have a serious desire for power. This control is necessary for the survival of those who have obtained power. HipHop has been proven as valuable, therefore those who wish to maintain power must control it.

KO: Why is it important to control HipHop, isn’t it just music? What makes it so valuable, is it because it makes millions of dollars?

PM: In this world value has been equated with money, money is simply that which allows something of value to be transferred from one person or group to another. If money could not reap something of equal or greater value than itself, then money has no true value at all… its simply paper. This means that need, or perceived need equates value, not money. The HipHop Nation is not valuable because it merely generates revenue, or the circulation of money … the HipHop Nation is valuable because it is comprised of valuable or needed people, people with valuable talent. The artists that make up the HipHop Nation are children of God, and their talents are God given resources certainly no less in value than other resources of the world; including, but not limited to gold, diamonds, platinum, and pearls. The talent of the HipHop artist has the potential to carry a message and information that can bring about a redistribution of power on a global scale. Those who operate from a higher level of power consciousness are aware of this; those that characterize themselves as rap artists generally seem to be ignorant of this fact.

KO: So it’s more than money… its power! You don’t think that most HipHop artists are aware of this?

PM: Apparently not… You might here a relative few speak about power and the redistribution of wealth; but most seem to lack awareness of their true value in relation to the national and international politic. The HipHop Nation generally misunderstands its true worth and value because it is fundamentally ignorant of the principles of wealth and power.

KO: Wealth and power

PM: Yes, wealth and power? The signer of a contract can never be the equal of him or her who writes the contract. A signature represents that you agree to, or accept the terms of what is written in the contract. He or she who signs the contract is legally obligated to him or her who writes the contract! Of course the writer of the contract has an obligation to the signer, and there is always some sort of a mutual benefit within the context of the contract. But a mutual benefit does not necessarily mean an equal benefit! The writer of a contract looks out primarily for their own interest… the writer of a contract only offer that which is necessary to get the other person to sign it. We often hear that the devil is in the details… and he is; however, the details are not necessarily the small print that you may see at the bottom of the contract, the details are found in the reasons for the contract in the first place… the hidden reasons and motivations that cause the devil to seek you out, to have you contractually obligated to him in the first place.

KO: Are you saying that the rap artists should not sign contracts?

PM: No… what I am saying is that, in order to demonstrate true wealth and power, the HipHop Nation should be able to write the contract, and get the devil to sign it; not the other way around. When a man behind a desk can assess your talent, a talent that was bestowed upon you by your creator, not the man behind the desk,: what that man offers you in exchange for the use of your talent should be in proportion to the benefit that man receives by the use of that said talent… you following me?

KO: Yes sir

PM: The details that are left out during the initial negotiation, is the detailed benefits that the man behind the desk will receive by an artist signing his or her name to a contract. When the artist is blind to his or her true value, then that artist enters into the negotiation process handicapped. As long as the artists equate value with money; paper, then the artist will receive paper, while he who writes the contract will receive the unseen benefits that dwarf whatever value we place on the paper! When the artists are ignorant of the true reasons behind the contract, the true intent or aspirations of he who has written the contract; then the artists are ignorant of themselves and what role they play within the agenda of those that will have you sign their contract. It is this reality that I attempt to relay within my book.

KO: Yes… after reading it, I admit that you certainly made that point. In the book I noticed that you really dealt with the… who you call “the so-called Jews”…

PM: Yes

KO: But within the title you call the HipHop Nation; “Willie Lynch’s newest slave”, yet you don’t spend as much time talking about Willie Lynch as you do the “so-called Jews”…

PM: Right, allow me to approach that issue from this standpoint. Willie Lynch has created a sickness within the mind-state of black America… this sickness can be referred to as the “Willie Lynch Syndrome”. Of course Sigmund Freud and his boys have not spent anytime studying or analyzing this condition; never the less, it is real. Because of the affects of Willie Lynch and the colonial slave master’s, the new and improved “corporate slave master” is able to put forth his international play for power in a more effective way. The seemingly subtle manipulation of power and the human resource is only proven effective because of the mental condition that Willie helped to put black folks in. Therefore, this condition is diagnosed as what it is… and while making this diagnosis, I spend a considerable amount of time proving this condition by highlighting who is benefiting from it, how they are benefiting, and by showing what is the consequence of our inability to free ourselves from this condition.

KO: I understand that… but it seems like you are placing a lot of blame on Jewish people.

PM: No… not Jewish people! I am not blaming Jewish people at all! I am blaming “so-called Jewish people”. By this I mean, there are people that go through life claiming to be something that they are actually not; they use the proverbial fig leaf to cover up who they really are. That fig leaf may be education, a nice suit, a phony smile, or even religion. This fig leaf acts as a distraction; while getting a victim or potential victim to focus on the fig leaf, the true person that is wearing the fig leaf is unleashing a subtle attack on those that are easily distracted or impressed by an outer exterior or presence. If as a society we have been conditioned into believing that the Jewish people are God’s chosen, that they are divinely guided and considered special… then what is a better fig leaf than that to be used as a cover for a crooked, and wicked deceiver? The enemy of truth and justice can use that fig leaf to not simply distract the people; but use this particular fig leaf to justify its nefarious ways and actions, ways and actions that are contrary to the social impression that they are attempting to make. These people that are guilty of doing this are not Jewish people, despite what they may claim or what we may believe; these people are no more Jews than the clansmen are Christian; or Arab terrorists are Muslim! They are so-called Jews, and by exposing their real identity, their real purpose and agenda, the fig leaf will be seen for what it is, and their true aspirations and machinations will be exposed!

KO: After reading your book, it seems that black people have been deceived…

PM: Exactly… By using ignorant rappers to entertain the people; to make the public sing and dance, the rappers are being used as a tool of the corporate slave masters. The rappers receive dollars for their services, they believe that their duty is to make the people sing and dance… but the arch-deceivers have contracted out the rapping slaves to shuck-n-jive, and to distract the people while the slave master manipulates and creates more slaves! The bigger a clown you are, the bigger buffoon you are, the more you can be trusted not to wake the sleeping giant. Therefore, you get more money, money to spend on drugs, gold and diamond teeth, sneakers, cars, and pussy!

KO: Are you saying that wealthy rappers, rappers such as 50 cent, Jay Z, TI, Snoop, P Diddy, and others are clowns… are buffoons?

PM: The rappers that you named; among several others, are examples of the kind of subject matter that gets backed by the wealthy and powerful. These rappers themselves are not wealthy; they are rich, they have a lot of money, paper and gold! But these rappers are absolutely controlled by wealthy white men… most of whom are so-called Jews! This is the truth. What do you know these rappers as… I mean think about it… so-called gangsters, hustlers, crack dealers, pimps, killers… what images are being marketed to the youth by the corporate slave masters? You see, when you prostitute yourself for wealth and power; you have no wealth and power at all. It is the fact that you DON’T have to sell-out that shows the level of power you have. Those rappers you mentioned push bullshit down the throats of the consumers, those rappers that you mentioned receive huge amounts of paper so that they will continue to infiltrate the young impressionable minds with ways and actions of a savage, and a crazed people… this is unacceptable. Regardless of the money, it is unacceptable! Their ways and actions, and their position within the master’s plantations show that they are circus clowns and buffoons!

KO: Okay, if that is the truth, why do you think that these rappers continue to sell-out?

PM: Listen… our people, black people, are poverty stricken as a whole. Our people are coming up out of a physical slavery, up into a mental slavery. We want to be kings and rulers… this is because it is in our nature to be that! However, we have been made to be mental slaves, this means that we approach our collective and individual endeavors from the position of a mental slave. Since we have been stripped from the true knowledge of ourselves, we believe that we should be given something; we don’t necessarily believe that we should create something. When you desire to be given something, then you approach those that have something in order to get something! You follow me…

KO: Yeah, I’m with you…

PM: Alright; if somebody has something you want, and you want them to give it to you, you must have something to offer… usually you offer what is in the best interest of he or she that has what you desire or want. This is done to entice the holder to give up what he or she has… in this case, the white boys want the rapper’s talent and soul. By getting control of the rappers and their souls, they can make the rappers say and do what is in the best interest of the corporations and their power brokers, and not what is in the best interest of the rappers, and the people from which the rappers were plucked!

KO: Well if that is the case, what can the rappers do, and what can we do to change this situation?

PM: First off I would say that we have to recognize and acknowledge the fact that we are presently slaves. We must understand the situation that we are in; then we must understand how those who desire to keep us in this position maintain and sustain this position. Second, by understanding the total dynamics of the slave and slave master relationship, we can begin to loosen the grip that restricts us, and prevents us from becoming an independent people. We as black people must realize the power of not our dollars, but the power of our contributions to the economic system of America.

KO: What do you mean by that?

PM: I hear people talk about how much consumer power that black people have; that in order to change our condition we must keep our black dollars within our community… buy black, you know what I mean…? Well that’s true; but, buying black, and circulating the paper dollar within our community is not wealth creation, it does not automatically generate liberation or independence! Buying black is just away to circulate paper from one person to the next… it won’t have the result that we need. It’s a start, but it is far from what the black community actually needs!

KO: So what do we need!

We need wealth, we need control over resources; particularly our resources! If we lack land, if we lack a particular product or commodity that will generate wealth… not money; not paper… but wealth, then we will forever be slaves to those that control and dominate the world’s resources. This is what I am trying to say to the HipHop Nation, your talent is a resource, the athletic talent that is found within the black nation is a resource, and it is a valuable commodity. Our problem is that we approach our talent, we understand our talent as labor, as a means to make money! We don’t seem to recognize the power of our talent and the fact that it is as important and valuable as any other commodity or natural resource. By allowing others to define our individual and collective worth, they can extract the powerful elements of our presence to benefit themselves and there agenda…. WELL, what if we can recognize the power of our talent, of our presence, and utilize that talent in a way that supports our agenda.

KO: I see your point…but how?

PM: Again… it all begins with recognition, why do outsiders choose to utilize; to contract our talent… is it for money? Not necessarily, they already have money…paper! They utilize us to push an agenda, a message… we are being used as commercials, as America’s spokesmen and women…. Why!? Because the world wants to hear us, the world is amazed by our talents, by our skills, by our resilience, and by our strengths. Just as black people are amazed and enamored by gold and diamonds, the global population is awed by black people and what we have done since slavery! What the slave master has done is contracted our talent, marketed our talent, and slapped a made in America sticker on our ASS! We are being used for their purposes… for their messages.

KO: So how can we get our own message out, how can we market our own agenda?

PM: The internet is the informational super highway. At this point all we have to do is have a desire to push a new message! We have to develop the means and desire to trade our commodity to the world without the assistance of the corporate master. Now of course they have paper, and they want us to take their paper in exchange for our talent; but their paper is not worth anything, it is backed by nothing. If we begin to discipline ourselves, and reevaluate what value is… then we will begin to realize that a Benz or a Cadillac is nothing, it is small in terms of what we really need, or should want in exchange for our talent. We must stop trying to keep up with white folks in terms of their buying habits, their lifestyle, and their societal priorities. It is an allusion, we cannot compete; therefore what if we stop trying, what if we reject the American commercials that sale a lifestyle that we clearly can’t afford? Well if we do that, if we begin to change our individual and collective priorities, the slave master will be forced to re-examine their methods; thereby allowing us to see them as they are, and allowing us to make the appropriate adjustments that will secure us true liberation and independence!

KO: Thanks bro!

PM: Thank you!

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